BeatBuddy mkII (in your dreams)

Sitting here on a Saturday morning having coffee and noodling around in Photoshop.
What do ya’ think?:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:
Soft buttons for quick access to most used menu functions. :sunglasses:


It’s cool, but I need compact, so, if that replaces the pedal AND outboard switches, it could work for me. That said, I have worn out my switches in the past, so I’m not sure this design is appropriate for something you step on, on average, 12-15 times/song. If the switches were easily serviced, that’d be a big advantage, too – and a good reason for a redesign.

Cool! I do think that you need those big smooth footswitch buttons, though.

For me, it’s more about being able to service/replace them than it is about what they actually are. Anything appropriate would be fine. If it were me doing your design, I’d put the switches on plates that are bolted to the main pedal so they can be easily access and replaced. The down side is, I suspect they would have to be surface-mounted on a board to be affordable, but even if the mounted switches were available, that would still make the pedal more service-friendly.

And, to be fair, I am very hard on my pedals. I estimate that I step on the main pedal switch a little over 45,000 a year, between rehearsals and gigs. I don’t know how many people are quite so active.

Maybe standard MIDI In and Out ports too.


Yes, this.

So you think TC Helicon is going to buy Singular Sound or vice versa? hahaha

I’m trying to put together a pedal board with BeatBuddy, VoiceLive3, & Boss OC-3. The VL3 is an incredibly versatile system. It really does TOO much. But it would be nice to have one box that had the BeatBuddy guts along with a sync’d looper and a handful of decent guitar and vocal effects.

“…it would be nice to have one box that had the BeatBuddy guts along with a sync’d looper and a handful of decent guitar and vocal effects.”

Sounds like you need to rack it all and get a couple of MIDI Maestros.


The days of rack mounted gear are long gone. hahaha Need everything as compact and light weight as possible. I kinda like the idea of a pedal board with a mount for the mic stand.

Right now my acoustic rig is a 1-trip deal. I’ve got the Rock-N-Roller R2RT (Micro) 8-in-1 Folding Multi-Cart. My Behringer Europort PPA500BT fits nicely on there with my guitar case and speaker stand bags. And I sling my gig bag with all my cables, TC Helicon PlayAcoustic, Android tablet etc. over my shoulder and I’m good to go.

Cool thought, but this design doesn’t address the issue of having to bend down to change settings. I’ve used the Norbert hack on my BB so that I can have it up on a stand holder to actually adjust things without bending over. I think the future designs should be a small console without buttons. The controls would all be in a foot switch that gets plugged in.
And just an FYI, I added some foot friendly caps to my originally BB footswitch. Works like a charm.

no buttons, Bluetooth connection , so we can operate the beat buddy wirelessly

Then it may as well just be an app.

App control is good, certainly for initial song/drum set/tempo selection, but whole point of a pedal is that you can use it easily during a live song, so start/stop with or without intro, song sections, fills, tempo and volume needed to be with feet imho

Nice prototype Look like tc helicon voice live pedal​:+1:t2::+1:t2::rofl::rofl:

How about a VL3, a BeatBuddy, a Line6 Helix and a Boss RC-300? It all sounds great together, and having 5-1/2 loops all synced up comes in handy sometimes, but I’m going to need two men and a small boy to help me set up.

Looks good!

We could call it ‘Beatbuddy’s Big Brother.’ It could be part of the family along with the BB and BB mini.

However, being the size it is, I would expect it to have enough memory to be able to play three full drum kits at the same time, along with bass, strings and horns : )


Rodney : )