Beatbuddy Mobile

When at home practicing I normally play along with an unplugged electric and if sitting at my computer I will often just use the beatbuddy manager to play along with especially if my beatbuddy hasn’t been unpacked from band prac.
So I thought wouldn’t it be great to play along like that with my phone or tablet using my bluetooth headphones or wired headphones or a bluetooth speaker or even the speaker in the phone. Wife and kids and all that, don’t want to make much noise and can be sitting in front of the tv or on the patio without moving my gear around. Can I make a plug for plantronics backbeat fit bluetooth headphones. Great bluetooth earphones and a good feature in this instance is they let in background noise say if running or cycling so I can still clearly hear an unplugged electric when the beats are playing.

What I have done is set up a remote desktop access program to my desktop and can stream my desktop and audio over wifi. This works great at home. When I get access to some wifi next time I am out I will see how it works from a remote location.

The remote desktop program I found to work the best is splashtop. I won’t go into how to install it as I found it was very easy to install. The only issue with this program was getting transitions to work. Chrome remote access program worked better for triggering transitions but with android did not transmit audio to phone. The problem is due to when transitioning in Beatbuddy Manager you have to hold down left mouse click and touch pad gestures don’t really do this. With splashtop the way around this was in the gesture/mouse settings set it to trackpad mode and it will display virtual left and right mouse buttons you can use to control virtual pedal in beatbuddy manager and also allows you to zoom right in on the virtual pedal with pinch zoom.

Of course it isn’t as easy as using the actual beatbuddy pedal but you could always sit your tablet/phone on the floor and use your toes to tap the screen.


That’s pretty interesting. :slight_smile: Although the ‘pause’ function wouldn’t be available.

Yea you don’t have to worry about someone using this method as a replacement for the beatbuddy itself. It’s a bit glitchy and awkward but is handy when practicing or learning something.

Great Idea! When I sit at my desktop computer with the BB Manager booted up, often time I will grab my flat-top acoustic off a nearby guitar stand and start a beat with the BB Manager and sit there and run through a few chords and mabye some vocals just for some side practice. I use some TDK lightweight earphones that allow external sounds and it all works great for spontaneous ideas that come up.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

That is a GREAT idea! I think I’ll try this with my tablet… bigger screen for aging eyes!
Thanks or the idea!


How can i download it to my mobile?