BeatBuddy noisy unless use direct box?

I’m playing around with recording through my Behringer XR18 mixer into Cubasis on my iPad.

I’ve noticed that when the BeatBuddy begins to play, the recording features a lot of noise. I don’t get any of that with my Yamaha CP4 and YC61 stage keyboards, my Guild acoustic/electric, Sennheiser and Shure mics, or my Access Virus TI2 synth.

The CP4 is on balanced XLR’s. The Virus is on balanced TRS’s. However, the YC61 is on unbalanced TS cables, just like the BeatBuddy, albeit much longer.

Just for the heck of it, I ran the BeatBuddy through a stereo direct box, resetting the gain staging appropriately. Noise gone!

The cable run from my BeatBuddy to my mixer is a whopping one foot! I’m using quality Pro Co TS-TS patch cables. Those cables are still in the loop with the direct box.

Anyone else experience lots of noise from BeatBuddy? Do you use a direct box for it when going into a mixer?

Mine sometimes whine when they’re loading the drum kit, but only when sharing power with certain other pedals. They are not noticeably noisy when playing.

I’ve had no problem with noise going direct into two different P.A.s or into my recording audio interface. I’ve been pretty pleased that I haven’t had that issue. I’m not an expert but it seems I’ve had that issue with other devices due to grounding issues.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Luckily I bought a Mackie stereo DI some time back. It completely solves the problem.

If you bought yours from a retailer, you might want to consider swapping it. Unusual noises are never a good thing to come from a device designed to make more usual noises.


I had noise issues when I used the same power supply in multiple units/effects. Issolating the BB with it’s own supply fixed the problem.