BeatBuddy not seen by my Mac!

I’ve just received my new BeatBuddy pedal from Sweetwater and it works fine as a standalone drum pedal. There’s nothing else like it out there!

However, when I attach the USB cable to my 2009 MacBook Pro running the latest OS X, the BeatBuddy doesn’t show up on the desktop nor within the BB Manager software under any variation of Import or Export to or from the pedal. The same applies to Importing or Exporting a Single Project.

I’ve also placed the SD Card into a USB card reader and it doesn’t show up on my desktop either even though I have all of the correct View options checked in Finder Preferences. I also looked to see if it shows within the Disk Utility program, it doesn’t

The BeatBuddy is such a wonderful concept but, I’ve spent a bunch of money on Groove Monkee Drum Loops and have no idea how I’m going to get them into the BeatBuddy under the current circumstances. I have a single gig coming up in May and I was hoping the that my BeatBuddy would be ready to use on that gig. (90% of the time I’m working with a live drummer except when I do Single or Duo gigs.)

Should I buy another SD card and copy the default content onto it and see if my Mac can recognize it?

I hope that someone in this Forum has some ideas and takes mercy on this newbie.

Thanks in advance for your help.

So if you plug the the SD card into the Mac you can’t even browse the files? Is the usb reader Mac compatible, has it worked before with other SD cards? Could you check it with another SD card? If you have access to a PC could you check that you can browse the files on it?

Currently, direct USB connection between a BeatBuddy pedal and any sort of apple product is not supported.
You will need to insert SD card either directly to your Mac, or via an adapter.

Also, when using BBManager on Mac, treat any mention of the “pedal” (like in Export Project to Pedal or Import Project from Pedal) as the BeatBuddy SD card instead.

Dear Psalm40,
Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my quandary.
My card reader has worked in the past but the only media that I ever utilized was Compact Flash or CF cards.
I have no other SD cards at the moment but, I’m going to see if I can purchase one locally to see if that works. I live in a very small town so I might end up buying one online.
I have a friend a few doors away from me who has a PC, so I’ll know shortly if my USB reader and the BeatBuddy SD card can be read on his system.
I’ll let you know the results. Thanks again!

Hi Psalm40,
I tested the new SanDisk SDHC card that I just bought at Rite Aid and my eFilm reader couldn’t see it. Apparently the the SDHC standard can’t be read by older SD MMC card readers.
I brought my reader and both SD cards to my friend’s house where he couldn’t read any of them on his tower PC but, when he tried the built in SD card reader on a Windows laptop both the BeatBuddy and my new SDHC card worked fine.
Looks like I’ll be looking for a new USB card reader that can handle the SDHC type of memory. I might even call Target or K-Mart which are both fairly close to me.

Thanks again for your help.


Dear Psalm40,
Well, I picked up a $10 Vivitar SD/SDHC card reader from kmart and now everything works the way it’s supposed to except my brain.
Plus, now I’ve got a full backup of the original BeatBuddy Content on my laptop as well as a duplicate on the new Sandisk SDHC card.
Thanks again for your help.

Thanks for the suggestion. That’s working fine for me. I’ve Exported Project to Pedal containing my early attempts at scavenging some usable beats from my Tyros 2 as well as some songs that I’d created using some of the beats purchased from Groove Monkee. So far the BeatBuddy is working like I’d hoped.

Thanks again.