BeatBuddy Onsong wired connection

Hey yall,
My hope is to have Onsong change the song on Beatbuddy when it is selected on the ipad. I have seen this happen on videos online!!! I know it is possible, but i am befuddled…

I have my beatbuddy connected to onsong using the
-lighting to usb 3 camera reader from apple
-Usb to midi interface

I want to send Midi from Onsong to control Beatbuddy:

Midi OUT of usb interface from ipad goes to Midi IN of beatbuddy breakout cable.
Midi OUT of beatbuddy cable goes to Midi IN of Pigtronix Infinity Looper.
the Midi IN of the usb interface is unplugged.

The connection is recognized in Onsong. I have tried to set up a Midi command by holding down on the title of the song, choosing song select, and a number. I am getting to no response from the Beatbuddy but the pigtronix infinity looper changes presets!?!?! I have tried isolating the channels for midi in/out (in channel 1, out channel 2) to no avail. Forum searches, youtubing, nothing really helping me find my answer. Settings issue? Hardware? Hopefully someone can help. If anymore info is needed i can provide exact setting of both onsong and beatbuddy, but this post is long enough already!


I solved the problem. Needed to issue midi commands from the text editor or “pencil” icon. Works great now!

Mine are all programed from the Song title, using OnSong. They all work as they are suppose too, but either way glad you have it figured out

I put all midi commands in the Song title in OnSong as well. It works great. I also connect the midi In on my iPad so OnSong starts autoscroll when I start a song and stops autoscroll when it stops. Since you’re controlling 2 devices with OnSong have you set up what channels to use for each device in the chain and your OnSong commands reflect the correct channels?

I spoke with the OnSong’s support team a few days ago. Just so everyone is aware you cannot add midi commands within the editor at various sections of the song manually (“at this time”) like you can at the top of the song in the editor. You can only achieve this using the section selection function.
Because of that, I set up a button on my TC Switch 3 to jump to the next section of the song when pressed. I had to set OnSong’s scrolling behavior to “Jump to Section”, Set up a Trigger for the button press, and finally set my button press action to “Scroll Foward”. Works like a charm.

I use channel 1 for Quantiloop and channel 11 for my BeatBuddy. Yes the OnSong has both channels programed into the midi commands.


I set one of my bluetooth foot switch to start auto scroll when pressed and the other switch to stop auto scroll. just set the scroll speed in the scroll section at the lower right bottom of the song of OnSong

The only issue I had with this approach is that in order to send out midi messages at the exact right time I had to get the timing of the song perfectly lined up ie “know the exact duration”. With my approach, there is no guesswork. One button press and I’m at the verse, another and I’m at the chorus and so on.

In the end, both approaches work. The performer just needs to choose the one that works best for them.

Where does Onsong get the info to send to B.B.
I am new-do I need to put all songs inBB. Mgr then into Onsong?

Do you have all songs in B.B. Mgr- don’t understand how Onsong can send to B.B. unless it has the both beat and tempo in the song-in Onsong
Help please bad rookie at this
I want the same thing you do, just need to know how
I have all the midi cords set up,like you describe

BB can receive messages that OnSong sends. The beats/sounds are on the BB pedal. Onsong sends the midi messages to BB by connecting your IPAD to the BB either through a MIDI Bluetooth adapter or a lighting/USB to midi cable.
There are a few posts here that explain it much better than I can. I followed those and was able to get everything talking to each other no problem at all.
It sounds like the confusion is with regards to the BB MGR. Think of it as a way to download and test drums / songs before syncing to your BB. Once you have everything on your BB the BB MGR is out of the equation…you just focus now on your IPAD (OnSong) and BB to get OnSong to send the correct midi messages to your BB. Like I said, there are a few great posts on how to do this already.