BeatBuddy Pause during Outro

I use an FCB1010 to control the BeatBuddy and it works very well. Noticed today while trying to arrange a song that the PAUSE on BeatBuddy during an Outro, will revert to that last played part when released rather than continue the Outro. Tested the same thing for Intros and it also skips the remainder of the Intro and goes to the selected part.

Below are the CC messages I send from the FCB1010 on press and release.

TRIGGER_CLICK DRUM PAUSE = SendMidi BB CtrlChange 111 1

Hey there, currently the BB is not playing the outro until you un pause, if you’d like something along these lines, you may want to consider having a section with a “fake” outro and that way the section would continue to play while paused if mute-pause is enabled.

Would this work? Let me know! Thanks

Brennan, Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I have implemented those work arounds.

Is the product not designed to use the Pause/Unpause in every part?
Is this a bug that will be addressed at some point or is the workaround solution the design?


This is not something we have considered and will look into it, thanks