Beatbuddy + Pedal Board Power Supply

I have an AGPTek Power Supply 5 to power my pedal board and overall it has been a solid piece of equipment. However, when I connect BeatBuddy to one of the 9V ports and add it to my pedal chain, I get an annoying high pitched squealing through my amp. I can’t seem to make it stop.

Has anyone used BeatBuddy successfully with a pedal board power supply and not encountered unwanted noise? I’m looking into possibly buying a new power supply so I can use BeatBuddy on my board and would appreciate recommendations.

In my experience, the BB hate’s non-isolated power. Every time I’ve ganged it to another device, it produces some sort of noise ranging from ringing, to buzzing, digital midi clock, or some other noise. Using a dedicated feed just for the BB seems to work best.

The VooDoo labs power supplies are isolated, though honestly I’ve not tried it with mine.

I have a Voodoo Lab power supply on my pedal board and the Beat Buddy likes it. I can even power a Digitech Vocalist from this power supply (using a different voltage plug) and they both are humming along. Could be your power supply is the problem.

Just a query on your power supply. Did you go with pedal power 2+ Or an iOS 5?

Hadn’t checked in on this in a while. I have just been running a temporary set up where I connect my beatbuddy and the power supply I already had to separate ports on a multi-port extension cord. Not very elegant but it fixed the noise issue. The problem is definitely just a compatibility one between my supply and the BB.