BeatBuddy physical pedal noise

New BB user here. I used to be a user of the Boss Rc-10r, but have found the BB far superior in a number of ways. However, is there any way to get the clicking sound of the pedal being pressed softer? I’m familiar with the noise level of standard pedals of many brands, but it sounds like the pedal of the BB is very loud when pressing.

It almost sounds like after the spring pushes the pedal back up it has a bounce on the way back down and an audible metal on metal sound. Don’t know how to better explain this, but I often play classical guitar solo concerts and other small acoustic ensembles and this noise has been way too loud.

This is the main pedal not a secondary. Although, I have thought about using my fs-7 to control the start and stop since its way softer, but would rather have it for additional options.

Any suggestions?

Hello. This has been discussed on here in the past. Here is one link to the discussion. There may be other suggestions too if you can find via the Search function. Welcome to the BB.

Thanks I appreciate it! I searched but I guess I didn’t have the correct search terms. I do thank you for pointing me into the right direction!