Noisy footswitch

Hello. What spec of switch do I need to buy to replace the noisy one in the Beat Buddy main pedal? Not the mini. I mean is it SPDT latching or something else and do you have an example supplier? Thanks, Carl…

Is is a momentary switch , SF12011F-0202-20R-M-011 from Taiwan Alpha.
But you can use any momentary switch as long as it fits the space, the origal switch has a little board attached for easy connecting. But only two wires going to the connection, so any switch will work

Someone else replaced their switches with quieter ones

Perhaps you can use the spec for those

Hi Carlos,

I have a 1st-generation BB Footswitch, I bought and installed these 2 SPST momentary: 2Pcs Guitar Effects Pedal Box Stomp Foot Switch Soft Touch SPST Momentary Push Button Switch 2Pin 2A 250VAC

Now they work very well (almost noiseless)!

Hiya Thunderocker…

That’s great… I need it for the main pedal but they just look fine to do the job. I’ll try to get hold of one in the UK… The Beatbuddy is great but software support is rubbish. I’m making a ‘thing’ to read the Beatbuddy song and automatically switch my GT-1 pedal to the same song patch… It’ll be much easier to use… I’ll keep you posted…

Thanks, Carl.