Footswitch + Buttons

I just got my new Footswitch+ to replace the old version I lost during travel.
I was hoping for silent version of the old one but was very disappointed by the quality of the switches it seems totally oversized.
Now I ordered Lehle momentary switches to replace the “new” ones.

Would be nice if SingularSound would consider using those in the future.
(I assume most guitar players have heard of or own a Lehle pedal :slight_smile:

I’m guessing these are not cheap. But, on the other hand, I’ve been thinking about converting my original “clicky” switch to momentary, and I might just do this.

Holy crap – they’re $14/piece! That’s why SS didn’t use something like that!

Nice upgrade, though. I might still do it!

Yeah, not cheap but… you’d probably enjoy the difference.
Obviously SS would get wholesale prices if they would choose to use such switches.

How big are they? Did they fit in the original holes?

And I like the oversized buttons: Want to mail them to me for a small fee? :wink:

see specs in

If I would mail them to you it would increase the price as I’d have to pay import customs for them + extra postage.
Definitely cheaper if you order direct from their web site.

Consider buying and using Carling switches. They’re reliable, quiet and less expensive than other switches. You definitely get what you pay for but in a positive sense.

No, no, I meant your old ones!


Once I get the new ones up and running… maybe… :slight_smile:

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Dying to see the new ones up and running, too. Do post some pics and impressions. The Lehles are not readily available in Canada, as far as I can tell, but they look really nice.

According to the Lehle Components online shop they deliver to Canada

$20/crack here, though, with the shipping and exchange.

Is the problem the size or that they are not quiet? I still have the old footswitch and I find the noise they make a problem if tapping tempo on a quiet song.
How quiet are the new switches? I don’t care about the size.

I personally find them noisy and rather hard.

How do these work? I just bought a new pedal and they are noisier than my old one. And they are sporadic. 50 bucks for a metal box. Do you have a wiring diagram?

Which ones would I need. My new ss pedal is soooo damn loud.

These are for the remote foot switch pedal—not the main pedal.

Since the BeatBuddy (BB) pedal will recognize either momentary on or momentary off, buy either the OFF-ON or the ON-OFF from

I’d take a picture of the wiring of the remote foot switch before removing and replacing the switches.

I decided to sell the newer “Footswitch+”, get a very cheap used first generation footswitch and replace the noisy latching switches with the Lehle switches
Here’s the result: