Footswitch + Buttons

And now the big question, are they quieter than the orignal switches?

I’d dare say, silent… and also very short throw, about 4 mm, compared to the newer Footswitch+'s aprox 8mm

PS: I ordered another set of 6 Lehle switches for my MIDI Maestro (anxiosuly waiting :slight_smile:

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I put “baffling” in my footswitch+ to help it get quieter. I used paper towels torn up. folded up, etc… Works a little but still noisy switches are annoying during quieter songs. …CLICK ON my BeatBuddy friends! Sounds like a t-shirt should be made. :grin:

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I was going to suggest that you could eliminate of a lot of ‘toe dancing’ by using an iPad app to change songs. Once you’ve entered all your songs in one of those, it’s a heck of a lot easier creating/organizing new set lists in an app than it is to drag songs around in BB Manager’s folders.

Yep agreed. I use OnSong for that very purpose. It works great but the PAUSE toggle function during songs is a LOUD toe tap on the footswitch+. I wish the buttons were quieter.

Yeah, it looks like what we’re going to have to do is buy some quiet foot switch buttons - people have mentioned sources for these that I don’t recall at the moment - and then open it up and do a little bit of soldering. Thinking about this, doesn’t it seem a little silly that we’re even having to have this conversation in the first place? I mean they couldn’t possibly have thought that every performer out there plays playing loud music. What about when people are at home, practicing at lower volumes? Henry Ford “Any color…”