Footswitch + Buttons

And now the big question, are they quieter than the orignal switches?

I’d dare say, silent… and also very short throw, about 4 mm, compared to the newer Footswitch+'s aprox 8mm

PS: I ordered another set of 6 Lehle switches for my MIDI Maestro (anxiosuly waiting :slight_smile:

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I put “baffling” in my footswitch+ to help it get quieter. I used paper towels torn up. folded up, etc… Works a little but still noisy switches are annoying during quieter songs. …CLICK ON my BeatBuddy friends! Sounds like a t-shirt should be made. :grin:

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I was going to suggest that you could eliminate of a lot of ‘toe dancing’ by using an iPad app to change songs. Once you’ve entered all your songs in one of those, it’s a heck of a lot easier creating/organizing new set lists in an app than it is to drag songs around in BB Manager’s folders.

Yep agreed. I use OnSong for that very purpose. It works great but the PAUSE toggle function during songs is a LOUD toe tap on the footswitch+. I wish the buttons were quieter.

Yeah, it looks like what we’re going to have to do is buy some quiet foot switch buttons - people have mentioned sources for these that I don’t recall at the moment - and then open it up and do a little bit of soldering. Thinking about this, doesn’t it seem a little silly that we’re even having to have this conversation in the first place? I mean they couldn’t possibly have thought that every performer out there plays playing loud music. What about when people are at home, practicing at lower volumes? Henry Ford “Any color…”

Hi folks,

I have a 1st-generation BB Footswitch, I bought and installed these 2 SPST momentary: 2Pcs Guitar Effects Pedal Box Stomp Foot Switch Soft Touch SPST Momentary Push Button Switch 2Pin 2A 250VAC

Now they work very well and much quieter!

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Hi @Axb, did you get the Lehle momentary switches for your MIDI MAESTRO as well & how do they fit? Thinking of going down the same route as the original MM switches are just too loud …

Many thanks in advance.

I used two of the switches for other pedals and the MIDI MAESTRO has been collecting dust.
I’ll take a look inside to see if they would fit and let you know
Shoot me a reminder in case I don’t post within 2 weeks

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Cheers that would be great :slight_smile:

You can buy cheap versions for under $2. In the U.K. we can get soft touch guitar switches as per.

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I opened the back cover - switches are covered by the PCB and didn’t have the patience to take it all apart.

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The switches are PCB surface mounted, which would make them difficult to replace. I carefully injected some general purpose grease in the switch mechanism slider. This stopped the squeaking and deadened the spring return noise. I then added adhesive backed foam to the chassis on both the upper and lower parts. This removes the dead space, which was amplifying the clicks, and absorbs some of the switch clicking sound. Overall the MM now makes about the same click noise as my HX effects. Obviously I have toasted my warranty, do not do this if you are not 100% sure of what you are doing. I will not be posting a how to!


Will these fit in the Footswitch+ ?

If not, what DURABLE, quiet switch would you recommend?

Yes, the Carlings will fit and work just fine. They’re extremely durable.

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Thank you! It’s an old thread…just making sure there’s nothing new.

@persist…I just installed and the switch works great! Thanks again!

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