Beatbuddy-Pigtronix infinity: How to NOT have it start the loop right away for certain songs?

I need help form Beatbuddy/Infinity experts—
I have my Beatbuddy linked to the Infinity looper for stop and start. I’m doing a song where I have part one of the bridge pre-recorded on loop 1 and part two of the bridge pre-recorded on loop 2. I am in serial mode and that works well… but with the way I have the Beatbuddy set up it wants to play the first loop right away when I kick the drums in. Starting both at the same time is perfect for most of the songs I do. BUT NOT for this song. What’s the best solution here that still gives me the option to start loop playback right away except for this song???
Thanks for your help.

Do you have a separate MIDI controller pedal or are you using anything such as OnSong? If so, you could probably send a MIDI command to trigger loop 1 with the drums when you need it.

If you do have a MIDI controller pedal you can refer to for the CCs.

If you don’t have any of the above, (and please forgive me as I’m away from my gear so I haven’t tested this), you may be able to get this to work by changing the MIDI on your BB (for this song only) to disable the start.

I have purchased Singular Sound’s new MIDI Maestro, but, as you know, they haven 't shipped any units yet.
I guess I can make it turn the start on and off as needed, but…