Beatbuddy plays fills and transitions by itself :)

The Sobriety setting is realy funny (like, “look what my beatbuddy can do!”) but not realy useful (i’d never use it)

But suddeny it gave me a great idea (yep, i was sober at the time)

What if the BeatBuddy could run fills and transitions by itself? (great for jamming). Or even start by itself (great for live performance)

Below a description of what the options / additions to songs could look like:

  1. Auto start: After start the beatbuddy senses instrument input (the user needs to be able to set the sensivity 0-10)
  2. Beatbuddy Runs a Fill: using pedal --and-- (after x measures – or – after x parts)
  3. Beatbuddy runs a transition: using padel --and-- (after x measures --or-- after x parts)
  4. Beatbuddy runs outro and stop: using pedal --and-- (after x measures --or-- after all sections completed)

We would be able to:

  • Just start jamming by stomping on the beatbuddy once! Fills and all other stuff are played by itself so the user can concentrate on the jam, not on tapdancing;
  • Enter the full structure of a song in beatbuddy, so once play is pressed BeatBuddy would just run the song without the need of any tapdancing (but we still have control over stops, breaks and other stuff.)

The great thing is that this could all be done with a firmware update (probably except option 1 because of hardware constraints). And yep, the BBManager software needs to be updated to support this.

I hope that functionality like this will be imlemented in the future;


Hans Nieuwenburg

I need exactly the same feature.
My left leg have been injured by surgery years ago so tap dancing is not my tea cup too.
Could also be used to trick over the 500 notes limit

I imagine it could be fixed placing a MiDi Control Change message at the end of every pattern but I do not know what are values to set in the CC bottom track of my MidiEditor.

The current Manager appears to strip the CC from imported midi files.
MIDI CC for BeatBuddy is defined in the separate MIDI firmware settings manual:
Allowing CC in patterns to control beatbuddy would open up some versatile possibilities like automatic tempo change, pause, or volume change. Sending CC from BeatBuddy patterns to external gear could be useful in a live situation.

IIRC, that’s the plan. A future upgrade to the BBM and the BB firmware will allow the BB to use the midi commands to play whole songs as tailored by the user.

  1. The part about starting on “Instrument Input” is a super idea.
  2. The Beat Buddy can already be set up to do this by writing the “Beat” with a “Fill” after say like 4 measures.
  3. The Beat Buddy can already be set up to do this by writing the “Beat” with a “Transition” after so many measures.
  4. The Beat Buddy would do an “Outro” with just one click on an “External Pedal”. You would not want an ending programmed in, because you might want to run the song longer.
    Just thought I would put my ideas into this particular Forum for future things to be incorporated.
    Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

The website mentioned above will not open! Just thought I would let you know.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Seems to open now. You might have caught while it was napping ;- )

Yes, it did open and thank you. This is what I need if I buy that Midi Tempo Controller from “AMT”. That’s awesome. Can’t wait to see what, how that will work with the Beat Buddy. Hopefully, it’s what I am trying to do. Thanks a bunch for your help. It is much appreciated. I can see a whole lot of possibilities with these commands. It will open alot of doors.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

There are already complete song sequencers that can do this, some even with bass lines like the Boss Dr. Rhythm. I don’t think this was the intended application for BeatBuddy. The great thing about BB is that it gives you what you need to have a drummer that can “follow you” through your live performances which might vary slightly from one to the next depending on “how the spirit leads.” I think this is why it’s such a big hit with worship leaders and coffee bar players. Programming entire songs into a “band in a box” type sequencer gives you much less flexibility.

Yes… but it is still a feature of almost every drum machine to have a pattern “beat” song sequencer built into it as well.

For many years I used the SR16 and a dual foot switch almost in the same way BB has been designed… only the SR16 only allowed two main patterns and two fill patterns. It gave me the option to simply pick a beat and jam to my hearts content… or chose a complete programmed arrangement… 1000’s and 1000’s of cover songs from American Pie to Sweet Home Alabama do not need extended arrangements.

Anyway the option would be welcome… I abandoned the drum machine years ago in favor of recording and using my own backing tracks…

Now after several years I am considering returning to the “drum machine” because of the beat buddy and may consider replacing my ipad for a bit… having a dedicated arrangement based on step editing of multiple patterns “beats” would allow for less “River Dancing”


Hi guys, 2 years late on this one but as a new owner of the bb I’d love to know if this has been made possible yet? Having the bb play a song the whole way through would be useful for me as an intermediate guitarist. I’m struggling at the moment to transition to the next sequence etc.

Users have shared one-press content on the forum and you can download and play the DOP and OPB format songs with the drum sets the songs were created with.

The other option is to hold your breath until Singular Sound releases an updated (and working) BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) with the autopilot feature. As in the words of software developers, the updated version: “it’s due anytime real soon now.” :crazy_face: