Beatbuddy plays the fill when pressing the stop

I tried the search to no avail, I have my pedal set up that I can scroll songs forward and backward using the foot pedal, I also have the right footswitch pedal to pause the song, but when I long press my main pedal to stop the song it plays a fill anyone know how to cure that, it’s driving me nuts.

Hi, Don. It normally takes a double tap to the main pedal to stop it. I am not sure what you mean by “long press”, but that seems like just one tap of the foot on the main pedal.

I don’t use the double tap I have always used the pause and then the long press stops the song but this is new with the drum fill

Hey there,

This is a new behavior in more recent firmwares,

You must change the unpause settings to Stop when the BeatBuddy Main Pedal is held, but first you must have Start Beat set to Release.

If Start Beat is set to Press, you cannot set hold commands for the Main Pedal while paused only tap commands. If you do not have the need to tap the main pedal while paused, you could set the BeatBuddy to stop when tapped.

Main Pedal > Unpause Behavior > Main Pedal Unpause > Tap

If you need to keep the Tap behavior to be something else, like a fill, you can set the hold to be Stop Song.

Main Pedal > Unpause Behavior > Main Pedal Unpause > Hold

amazingly enough I put my old SD card back in and it works exactly like it did before go figure.

Settings are retained in the SD