BeatBuddy power supply (PSU)

Hey folks! Simple question (that I’ve yet to find a straight answer to): what are some recommended power supplies (adaptors) for the Beat Buddy? I never got one with my pedal, and right now I’m using a Danelectro Zero Hum adaptor. I need a backup, and there’s a ton out there, but I don’t want to fry my pedal by getting one that exceeds whatever would be exceeded in order to result in a fried pedal. You go on Ebay and they’ll say they’re for use with Beat Buddies, but then, the outputs are blacked out, they’re center-positive instead of negative, etc. etc. etc.

So just tell me – what do you use?

I have as my backup a 1 Spot 9v. It was recommended on here by someone I saw in past posts. Others can chime in if this is not a good one!

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I don’t recommend 1-Spot for BB, unless it’s an isolated one (Not the 9 pedal chain). Any time I ran something else on the same plug I get noise. I had to put the BB, MM, and my looper each on a dedicated power source.

I ended up getting the Voodoo Lab X8, which provides up to 500 mA of clean isolated power per port. This was plenty to run all my power hungry pedals on isolated channels and to use a daisy chain cable to run all my guitar stomp boxes. Works out great, and it’s what I recommend!

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I stopped using my BB for a long while and the original power supply went missing. I tried several ones that I had on hand and even bought a one that was supposed to be an “OEM replacement”. No use. I still had lots of issues with noise with the unit. Finally, I contacted Singular Sound and bought an actual BB power supply. They also suggested I run the power directly to an outlet (which I do). Now, I use my BB gigging at least a couple times a month. I strongly suggest buying a replacement power supply directly from Singular Sound. Just my $.02…

Great idea…didn’t know they would do this!

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I used a standard Strymon 9V for a few years, but I have found that the socket barrel of BeatBuddy‘s own plug is slightly longer than usual length so do make sure you get a good fit and contact. But now it’s on a big pedalboard, powered by an MXR isobrick… you have to allow for 250 milliamp draw - it doesn’t like being daisychained

Pinged Singular suport and forwarding the answer I got back from them for others if you need it, its the one I posted at the beginning I have for a backup!:

We do not sell them, but this one is compatible with all our products:

||Truetone 1 SPOT Slim 9V DC Adapter | Sweetwater

Certainly nothing wrong with this PSU however, a minor word of caution: if you use this PSU to power only the BeatBuddy (BB) pedal, you should be okay but some users have reported that using the daisy chain connector (sharing this PSU with multiple pedals using the MC5 connector) could cause white noise or other digital noise with the BB’s audio. YMMV