Beatbuddy power supply

I’m looking into power supply units to buy and trying to save a few bucks. The Beatbuddy is rated 9v 500mA, so I was wondering if I could use the Donner DP-1, which advertises a 1 way 9v 500 mA supply.
On paper it seems to be a match, I guess I’m wondering if anyone has used this specific psu.

Not a Donner DP-1 owner but the reviews indicate that it does not provide isolated power and it introduces noise—this after a quick scan of the comments below the video review:

If the comments from the link above are true, you probably will not be happy with this PSU.

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Thanks! I was just reading some Amazon comments and one customer said it wouldn’t power a 9v 425mA pedal, another said the output was noisy. Any recommendations you could make would be appreciated. Aside from the BB, I only have a DS-1 distortion and MXR looper pedal so I don’t need a huge rig. Thanks again!

I have a Donner DP-1; it would do the BB by itself, but not the BB+Aeros.

BB+DS1+MXR would be pushing it, and noisy if it does work.

I wouldn’t recommend; I moved the cioks C4 myself

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I watched a YouTube video on the cioks c4. Looks like each output is rated for 9v 660mA, and has great reviews. $130 is a bit steep right now but I’ll definitely keep this in mind. Thanks!
Edit- After doing the research, which involved going down more rabbit holes than I expected, the Cioks 4 is definitely the way to go here. There are Friedman and Strymon products that are suitable as well, but they’re more expensive.

One more question… what do you use to power the cioks 4? I noticed a few disclaimers on the cioks YouTube video stating that different AC adapters can result in reduced power output. I intend to use it as a stand-alone unit. Thanks.

I’m using this, just because I had it laying around:

Okay, thank you! so a 2.1 amp plug will get the 9v 660mA output, or at least enough to power the Beatbuddy and my other two pedals.

I just checked the draw on my beat buddy and I couldn’t pinpoint it because my meter goes to 200 milliamps then it jumps to another setting of 20 amps. When first powering up it comes in right around the 200mA mark, which overloads it so using the 20 amp setting I can only round off, which is not a big deal. When it first turns on and running through patches and turning the volume all the way up and what not, it never went over 200. It’s settled down to about 180 mA, and I can see . 17s, and .19s running it through its paces. Figure probably 10 milliamps on that DS1 and I don’t know what looper you have but if it’s like a loop core, mine is about 75 ma… Rounded up to 300, then tack on another 30%, I don’t see why the supplied 9v at 500ma wouldn’t work. I powered mine with all kind of different effects in front and after it.
The only problem I run into is when I run my Hotone Ravo 10 with it. But that’s the Ravo10’s fault, its really picky about interacting with other pedals. The important thing would be finding out what your looper draws.

Thanks for the reply. I wound up buying the Cioks 4 power supply and it works great!