Beatbuddy, Quantiloop and audio interface

Hi all, I realise this thread goes beyond just the BB so I will understand if I am shut down.
I just acquired a BB + footswitch.
Realising I can’t link the BB to my Boss RC30 I started looking at the alternatives and am blown away by the concept of using Quantiloop and Onsong on an ipad with my BB. Then I started looking at the connection options and have searched for hours for similar setups.
I would like to play my guitar through my GT10 into quantiloop so I need that connection USB to CCK I assume but with a powered usb hub so power goes to ipad?
I also want a midi controller to switch quantiloop, I have a FCB1010 so could use that. The GT 10 has midi in and out and obviously so does the fcb1010. And then I have to connect the BB via midi. Seems like too many connections to me. Anybody done anything similar or can give any advice on something that will work? I have never owned an ipad so am newb to that too.

Why not look at a IK Multimedia iRig Pro Duo?

I second the iRig Pro Duo. You can feed the audio from the GT10 into one channel and the audio from the BB into the other channel, add any additional effects / mixing via the iPad and then feed the output from the iRig Duo to a PA or speaker etc. I recommend the AUM app for the iPad as a way to route the audio to other apps such as Quantiloop as well as control the mix and add any additional effects if you want to. It’s very powerful.

The midi from the FCB1010 can go through the iRig Pro Duo as well - it has midi in and out.You will want to include the midi clock from the BB so that the Quantiloops keep in sync with the BB. One way you could do this is to send the midi clock only from the BB to the FCB1010 mid in port. Then connect the midi thru/out port to the midi in on the iRig Duo (you will need to configure the FCB1010 to pass the midi coming in to the mid out port as it does not have a dedicated midi thru port - this is done in the Global Config of the FCB1010). Midi commands generated from the FCB1010 will also pass via the midi out port and into the iRig Duo and these can be picked up by Quantiloop to to control the loops etc. and any other apps on the iPad.

It should also be possible to pass the FCB1010 midi through the BB - i.e. swap the positions of the BB and FCB1010. With this setup you might be able to control the BB as well from the FCB1010, with a little clever config of channels. The BB also has a mid thru option so midi controls for Quantiloop could pass through the BB to the iPad.

BTW with this setup you can also power the iPad but for that you will need to buy the iRig Powerbridge
( It connects to the IRig Duo and a power source.

Apologies if this is confuses the issue a little - it is powerful stuff with many different configs you could try but it takes a little getting used to and quite a bit of trial and error.


Thanks for the advice guys. Problem is I don’t yet have an ipad so big expense there and at around $200CAD for the duo plus camera adapter (for charging) + BB break out, getting expensive. I would also like a blueboard instead of the fcb1010 because of size. But I would like to be able to use equipment I have if i can. I have an old Tascam 122L which I think from investigation will work with ipad. It has midi in and out your suggestion Tom for the midi connections should work equally well with that yes? I’d only have to buy the camera adapter and a couple of midi leads and the break out cable for BB.

I am also considering building a midi switch controller myself and could integrate the midi in out from the BB and could even make it bluetooth for comms with the ipad instead of USB but that’s just an idea at the mo…

Looks like i should buy the ipad and camera adaptor to start and see what I can do with the Tascam.
But the GT10 is probably not going to work because no midi thru and seems it will only work with ipad at 16bit I read.

Thanks for your help.

I totally agree that the costs mount up. I have acquired stuff over the years but even now, as I add apps to the iPad I find that my 3-year old iPad sometimes experiences an audio crash and I wonder whether I need to go for an iPad Pro… One issue with the camera connection is that you cannot charge the iPad at the same time. There are a couple of iRig solutions other than the Duo but you still need to buy the PowerBridge to power the iPad at the same time I think. Alternatively you can send midi over Bluetooth and this works well. There is the PUC, which I think is a great device and the Yamaha MD-BT01 Bluetooth MIDI Adaptor, which I also have and which works really well - I have experimented with plugging it into the back of the FCB1010 and it works with no issues. This then frees up the iPad connector for charging.