Beatbuddy + Quantiloop + Garageband (Mac) Workaround

If you have an iPad with Quantiloop, and connect it via midi with your beatbuddy, here is a short workaround for nice playbacks made with Garageband (Mac-Version) . The drums coming from the beatbuddy can use fills or transitions – better as being stored within a playback-file. These playbacks can be transposed easy. Changing the instruments, volume adjustment, deleting parts etc can be done in garageband very fast. Here I made “OPB”-Song, next step is splitting up the files to verse, chorus, bridge…

  1. Open a new project in Garageband

  2. Drag a midi-file on the Garageband Track-Area, Tempo comes from midi-file

  3. Make your adjustments: choose instruments, deactivate tracks (drums, voice melody…). Be sure the song starts on beat 1 (some have long silence at the beginning - cut it at first). Look how many bars the song has.
    In this case 104 bars. Export the file (iCloud, dropbox = to somewhere you can download with your iOS-Device). I name the file including BPM and Bars


  1. Import Audio from Garageband to a track in Quantiloop
  2. Quantiloop calculates the bars / BPM, you have to adjust it manually to the correct number (the BPM changes/adjusts in the same moment)
  3. I set the “Loop” to One-Shot.