Beatbuddy Quick song selection for Windows or Android users

found this in the manual (see below*)
…"With MIDI, you can use an iPad app such as Onsong,

Question: Is there a possibilty or app for Android users or does this only work on iPad ?
Question: Is Onsong avialable for Windows or Android ?
Question: Are there alternatives for Onsong in general ?

Thanks for help in advance
Regards Habo

*From The BeatBuddy - Midi Settings Firmware.pdf …

Quick song selection: You have 3,000 songs in your repertoire and
you play gigs where you get random song requests from the
audience. Though you have already figured out which BeatBuddy
beats go with which songs in your repertoire (or used our handy
Song Matching Tool) , you don’t want to have to search through all
of the BeatBuddy’s folders for the right beat when you get a song
request. With MIDI, you can use an iPad app such as Onsong,
which has your song database of lyrics and chord charts so that
when you pull up the chord chart to a song on Onsong, it will
change to a certain BeatBuddy song which matches it. "…

  1. Probably not.

  2. No

  3. Yes but probably for iOS or Mac such as SetListMaker or Bandhelper. If you find any that work with Android or Windows, please let the forum know.

I think OnSong is IOS only.
However there are a number of Android apps that are able to do this I think. The one that I use is MobileSheetsPro.
This app has a very active and responsive developer.

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Cool. How do you connect it with the BeatBuddy?

setlist maker does Android.

Hi Tim,
THX for your answer! That sounds cool. :smiley: installed MobileSheetsPro (DEMO) on Android 9 smarthphone , added an SampleSongtext.pdf to a song and added the song to setlist and now I wanted to
connect them via USB OTG cable to the USE2MIDI adapter to the break-out cable of the BB.
But I find only Select Wifi or Bluetooth ? in the app. Can you tell me the trick :slight_smile:

How do you use it ?
E.g. Select a Song in the set list of MobileSheetsPro and then Beatbuddy changes automatically to the
song and then you start the BB by foot and MobileSheetsPro start the autoscroll … ?
Is this the use case ?

Thanks alot
Regards Habo

Wow … Thanks … looks cool too ! :smiley:
Look into it.
Regards Habo

Tap on the song so it displays
Tap in the middle of the screen somewhere and the tool bars should appear at the top and bottom
Tap on the pencil which should be top left somewhere to edit the song.
You should now see a page that has tabs along the top - “Fields”, “Files”, “Audio”, “MIDI”. Tap Midi
The screen you are now on you allows you to add add multiple Midi commands that are sent out when the song is displayed. You’ll want to add a Patch Select to select the song on the BeatBuddy. The Bank is the Folder (starting at 0) and the Program Change is the song in the Folder (again starting at 0).
To start AutoScrolling when the BB starts you need to go into the overall Settings. You should find MIDI settings there, which has a MIDI actions option. This will lead you to a similar list allows you to add Actions initiated by MIDI commands. You want to add a “Start or Stop Automatic Scrolling”, and add the MIDI Start to it.
I haven’t given you the detail of setting up correct channels or making sure the BB has its MIDI out setting correct. I hope you an work that out. If not ask again!


Hi Tim,
Thanks alot. The apps midi configuration was not so intuitive. But with your explaination it was quite easy.
Great… it works! :upside_down_face::smiley: Both…

  1. APP->BB : the opened song in the app will immediatly open the song in BB.
  2. BB->APP: And after pressing play the Start() command triggers the configured auto-scroll in the app.

Perfect! Learned alot with your help!
THX Habo

Glad to help. If you have other non-BB related questions with MobileSheets, there is an active forum here :

I’ve been using OnSong to send midi to my BeatBuddy for some time now. It really frees me from having to focus on the BeatBuddy instead of the audience.

I prefer SongbookPlus for IPad, Less complicated to set up.

Another OnSong user. Well worth the initial set up.

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