BeatBuddy Rodeo Stadium Gig

iPhone video, doesn’t do the sound justice. Our first outdoor gig with BB. Got the call to play the day before the event. Ran BB through their PA (600 watts) which had some old Peavey 15" speakers (rated 150 watts each). BB sounded good. Was at the limit for my Roland Cube 40 watt guitar amp, but didn’t have to mic it. Bass player was fine through an Acoustic B100 with 15" speaker. Had to do sound checks with a tractor tilling dirt in front of us. Stage was covered with mud and rocks. BB did get some mud on it and maybe some of that horse stuff.

Nice stuff!

that last beat you used what preset was that or did you make it

That’s a hard to find Western Swing beat. It’s from the Platinum Samples Real Country GM package. It’s the (04 Swing 4 Four/03 Western Swing 210 BPM/01 Hat Variation 02 and Variation 03) beats. I built some MIDI Country Swing loops and posted them, but they are not this good.