Beatbuddy saved us again! a 1969 Song from Japan - Wakaretemo Sukinakito (cover)

Beatbuddy saved us again!!! We needed to play this song in a gig a while back ago yet our drummer was not available and we couldn’t find no backing track for this old song from 1969. Lucky we were always gigging with Beatbuddy so my now 11 year old daughter Mina decided to use Beatbuddy, Voila! Our problem was solved!

Her summer break starts officially today and we decided to start a little multitrack recording project with this song. Mina is quite cool, she knows I am tied up so she tried to get most of the guitar parts ready. We have a lot of fun playing this song and hope you will enjoy it too!


Ray :wink:

[別れても好きな人Wakaretemo Sukinahito (Cover)]


Very nice to listen to.

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thank you!!! :wink:

that was great. very good mix also. we need more videos :slight_smile:

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thank you!!!

Cool. :slight_smile:

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