Beatbuddy Screen Resolution Problems

Need help with figuring out why i cannot see the ''x"" symbols to delete certain things. Also notice that the buttons are much smaller and the words are cut off. My screen resolution is really off and my beatbuddy program will not sync. Ive done everything the windows site has suggested me to do, and i have even gone into beatbuddy and changed certain preferernces to open the program correctly. Any ideas.

Could you also provide a screen shot of one of the default songs and post it to this thread?
Also, which versions of the BBM and Windows are you using?

Based on the screen shot of New Song, it almost—but not quite—looks normal. For example, the X is displayed in the Main Drum Loop and because the other sections are not populated, they won’t display an X. The bottom edge does seem to be compressed or cut off.


I have this problem too. I am running Windows 10 at HD 3840 x 2160 resolution. I have had this problem with other programs on my new Windows 10 computer. I have been given patches for them that fixed this problem. I’m told that it’s not a Windows problem but is in the way apps render the graphics in an HD environment. The app makers have to take into account the HD environment. I’m not a computer whiz but I have been searching a lot of Windows forums about this. I’m hoping there will be a fix for this soon because I really like using the Beat Buddy Manager and the little users Java program to create beats. Like you, I can’t access many parts of the graphic on the Manager.


Thanks for sharing the insight on HD. I’m guessing that a solution will also be needed for the 4K resolution monitors that are on the market.
@BeatBuddy Support, is this another requirement for the future BBM?

Not really sure. I will forward this thread on to our developer and see what he says.

Good news! :slight_smile: I inquired with our developer, and this was his answer:

The app (both the local and the cloud sides) will accommodate higher resolution screens. The left side of the app is based on Java and the JavaFX framework will handle it. The right side of the app is a responsive web frame. Should be all good. We’ll be sure to test this during the Beta and QA phases.

Having the same issues, any resolution to the resolution issue?

Me too . . . need a microscope to read things in BBM and lots of things are cut off

Support will probably ask you which version of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) you’re using along with the version number of the operating system you’re using. Is it Windows? Also, what size monitor?

current version 1.6.5, 2736 x 1824 on a surface pro ~12"



@BrewerGuy That is a fairly small screen. I’d recommend trying to change the resolution if you can. Other things on your computer may appear distorted at different resolutions, but it may help specifically with the BBManager.

I found the solution for this issue, as well as the issue I was having with not being able to see the full BPM rate by the slider (only displaying the singles digit)…

The settings must be changed for the shortcut to the application to “override High DPI Scaling” and with the “system [enhanced]” option activated. Now text is not cropped/missing and it’s much easier on the eyes


That’s pretty good, not sure if I would have thought of that. How did you figure that out? Did you just play with all the settings until something worked? :slight_smile:

googled on how to run apps in a different resolution in win10, found a random forum post

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New user - I have this problem on a surface pro 4 but I cannot get the “properties” link to appear so I can turn the High DPI scaling off. How do I access the BBM properties?

The BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) does not have any adjustable properties. Don’t know if this will help you:

I too have this problem, the ‘properties’ link does not appear out of the BB Manager to turn the high DPI scaling off and ‘change high DPI settings’ does not appear in the generic ‘properties’ in Windows 10. I suspect this is a problem with high DPI resolution screens (I have a Surface Pro 6) but it renders the software pretty useless if you can’t delete parts. I can think of workarounds but they’re clunky. chrs

The users in the video and the post above are accessing the properties via the app shortcut—not the app itself.

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Like persist said, goto c:\Program files (x86)\singular sound\BBManager\BBManager.exe and right click, you’ll see the properties at the bottom. Goto the tab compatibility and in box setting there is the change the high DPI settings, click the box and check the option ignore high DPI and select system enhanced.
OR one of the others what ever works.