Beatbuddy SD Content Question

Hey, just was watching a guy I follow on YouTube and he was demo’ing a BeatBuddy. He was saying that the SD included a bunch of songs and showed and played several. He said this content was included with purchase. I’m thinking that he is mistaken and just was sent a SD with premium content but just wanted to verify this… Other than the few demo’s there aren’t any included songs now are there?

Here is the link:


The video about the included default content is correct. You can buy additional content from the Premium Library.

Additional details are available at

Wait a minute, this doesn’t make sense… If all these songs are NOW INCLUDED, why aren’t they available to people who already purchased?

Why don’t you watch the video, look at the content, and then tell me if all those songs are now included… That content is not listed at the link you posted!

Thanks for your thoughtful suggestion. I watched the video from end to end before commenting. :sleeping: