Beatbuddy settings

Every time you send say a changed list of songs to the BB from PC the BB has to be reset to my liking including the settings on the duel switch
How do you save your personal settings on both foot switches if at all possible ?

Just another of those BeatBuddy quirks that I’m learning to live with. Every time I update the SD card content by taking it out and plugging it into my MacBook Pro I need to reset the switches settings. Possibly something to do with the file structure and FOOTSW.INI files. It seems that the Mac’s UNIX-based file system is incompatible with Bill Gates’s wonder-child.

Somebody mentioned “unplugging the Footswitch” BEFORE pulling out the SD card, thus saving the Footswitch settings.

there used to be a export back to pedal feature …
I’m having the same hassle, 1st pedal stopped …keeps reverting to something other than ‘song back’
…which is what I want. :frowning:

Same problem here. Kind of getting used to it now. Maybe something will be corrected in the next upgrade, hopefully.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

I’ve realized the same problem with the footswitch settings getting changed after creating a new project to a new card or even the original card. Maybe I should try to just go into the BB via USB to what happens. I will try unplugging the footswitch before taking the SD card out. There’s always a bug somewhere right? lol