BeatBuddy Software Crash


I use the preset grooves and export them so I can then import into my personal songs directory. Once I import it I edit the groove for the tempo, intro, outro, and the different parts. If I follow this entire workflow all in a single sequence, the software will crash every time when I hit the virtual pedal to play through the edited sequence.
I then need to open the manager again for the next song I work on and each time thereafter.
I have Windows 8.1…
I’m sure you guys will correct this, as the ability to edit current grooves and songs is something that’s really important to do to customize songs for our personal performances.
Obviously doing this edit without having to expert, import, and edit would be a great feature to add in the future.


Can you please provide complete steps to reproduce the problem? I have never encountered anything like you describe myself.


I’m traveling right now but will go through it when I get back and I’ll document each step.
Hopefully will be able to replicate the issue.


Ok, just got back…
The first time I tried the export and import and save song, everything worked fine… Then it occurred to me that when it was happening earlier in the week, I actually had the BB pedal plugged in and connected to my computer via USB.
So tried it again and as suspected, the software crashed… Here are the steps:

  1. Open BB Manager - Make sure BB pedal is on and connected via USB
  2. Select a song. I selected Pop 8
  3. Import/Export, Export Song, Search directory location, name song (ie. CrashTest), Save
  4. I had previously created a new folder in BB manager called Bobs Songs
  5. Select Bob’s Songs, Import/Export, Import Song, select CrashTest.sng, Open
  6. In Bobs Song folder select the imported song – Called Pop 8
  7. Start Editing: Remove Fill 79, Remove Fill 70
  8. File Save Project
  9. Test song by hitting virtual pedal
  10. Stop song by hitting pedal twice
  11. Change Tempo
  12. Rename Song Name in the software - not in the computers folder
  13. Click virtual pedal to start song
  14. Song starts to play for a couple beats then Crash Occurs
  15. Window appears saying “BeatBuddy Manager has stopped working” A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
    There is a prompt at the bottom to close…

Remember, I’m the Windows 8.1 OS…
Hope this is helpful…


Wow, BeatBob!! Thank you very much for such a detailed answer!

I was able to reproduce the situation you’ve described (on Windows 7) from the first try, thus it will be very easy for a team to fix it!

You’ve made an enormous effort to work this out!

I was able to shorten your steps to reproduce the problem (for BB team to fix):

  1. Open BeatBuddy (clean start) and select any song.
  2. Change Tempo
  3. Save Project (Ctrl+S)
  4. Start playing the song (Space)
  5. Stop playing the song (Space x2)
  6. Repeat 1-4 one more time without doing anything else.
  7. Change Tempo
  8. Rename Song
  9. Play (Space)
  10. Press Yes on the project save dialog
    => …

Abstract - (change anything, save, and try playing) x 2, then change tempo + rename, trying to play will blow up after confirming save project prompt.


I’m glad I could help. looks like something in that sequence is causing a conflict. I’m sure you’ll figure out how to take care of it. It’s a bit annoying for now but as long as I can continue to export, import, and edit songs I’m good till a fix gets released.


The crash seems to be related to playing the unsaved song and saving in the process. If you press Ctrl+S (force save the project) each time before starting the song to play (Space), I believe you won’t have the issue.


I will get an occasional random crash. Also, the start/stop on the virtual pedal often doesn’t work instantly when you click it, nor does the special effect button. I just sort of chalked this up to processor speed. I’m running Windows 7 pro on a 2yo HP desktop.


Most likely processor speed, what processor has it got and speed?


I created my own .wav file using GP6 —> Export----> WAV for a bass drum/cymbal crash combo. Every time I try to import it into a song for the footswitch the manager software crashes. Has anyone else encountered this problem? No issue using the .wav files that came from BB - only when I try to use one I created.


So you are trying to add a WAV file to a BeatBuddy song?! That won’t work, the songs are made out of midi files that trigger WAV files that make up the drum kit. What you need to do is create a drum kit or edit the existing one and import your WAV file into it. Then create a midi file which will trigger that. I believe that the manager software came with a pdf describing how to create a drum kit or editing the current ones.


Yes - I’m trying to add a wav file. I thought accent hits were actually wav files. There are actually a number of wav files that come with the BB for use as accent hits. I was trying to use a custom one I created but it causes manager to crash.


You are correct about accent hits being WAV files.
Please upload it so we can help you identify your crash issue. Also, the more information you can provide - the better.


Apologies I misunderstood your question.


I appreciate the help. attached is the wav file in question. I created in in Guitar Pro 6 using the drumkit track. It is a single quarter note bass drum and single quarter note cymbal crash played simultaneously. I then used file—>export—>WAV to create the wav file. Then in the BB manager software I clicked on the special effect button in the Foot Switch column to add the newly created wav file to the song. When I double click the file or if I select it and click open I get an error message that the BB software has stopped working. “BeatBuddy Manager has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.” I’ve also attached the song i’m working on as well as the drumkit I’m using. The drumkit is a modified version of the standard BB drumkit - I changed the bass drum midi note from 36 to 35 because none of the BB drumkits would play bass drums for any midi files created in guitar pro (I remember seeing a workaround for this issue in another post which is why I changed it to 35 for this drumkit). Finally, I’m using windows 8 on a Dell laptop. I hope this is enough information. Thanks again.



mslattery, thank you a lot for these files. I am digging into the problem now.
Turns out BBManager somehow can’t read the effect name.


I’ve found the reason.

I’ll pass the solution to the team. In order to get this fixed, you will need to download next version of BBManager :confused:


OK. Thanks for your time and help.


Daefecator - you said something about manager not being able to read the file which got me thinking. By changing the name of the wav file to GBCrash.wav (no spaces like the original file) I was able to load it into the song without any issues. Thanks again for your help.


To be honest, I’ve found an issue that internally the file name didn’t get correctly written into the file itself, so… I’m actually pretty surprised you’ve got that working :slight_smile:

Nevertheless, have a great time with your BeatBuddy! :slight_smile: