Beatbuddy Songs Made From Existing Midi Files

I’m new to using the Beatbuddy and wondered if anyone is making songs, using existing midi files?
I thought that one might extract the different parts of the song, to create the individual beats and build the song.
I also wondered if anyone could give any tips on using drum samples from programs like BFD2 and Addictive Drums, to make even better sounding drum sets.

This was a really weird question to me, almost like ‘Have anyone tried eating food for breakfast?’ :slight_smile:

Strictly speaking, yes, BeatBuddy songs are made from a set of prepared MIDI files. And there is actually no other way to do this, currently.
I usually do what you suggested with my own songs - I use Guitar Pro 5.2, find some tabs on the internet of the song I like, then extract a drumset track, split it onto verse/chorus/bridge/etc main parts, find some fills and just export individual pieces as MIDI. Then I use these MIDI parts to make a BeatBuddy song to use with my pedal.

Really? It was a great question!

Thanks timmyd, I was a little put off by that part of the reply.

Hi Richard. I have used free full midi’s of songs and cut them down to loops, fills, intro’s etc on plenty of the songs in my thread. Quality of some of the available midi’s is average sometimes and most of them I have to edit some what. My latest one was for Marvin Gaye’s Let’s get it on which I only had to cut up and it sounded great.

Yes and Yes, not sure of BFD2 but you need to use the search function or at least confirm that you have tried, as there are lots of threads discussing this maybe you are overwhelmed by the amount but now we have another one to add to the mix.