BeatBuddy Stand

I found out Quickly after purchasing My BeatBuddy that I didn’t want to bend down to select genre and tempos etc. so I bought a used Hi Hat stand and built a platform to hold the BeatBuddy about 3’ off the floor.I have a video camera pointed at the screen to project it on a 32" flatscreen.This way I control it with the Hi Hat pedal as well as make any changes on it without bending down.It works great and the stand was cheap.I took video and pics of it but don’t know how to put them on here.It mentions using a URL or embedding?? My jpegs were larger than 1MB. I hope You all like the idea.

Sounds great. Would like to see how you’ve done it

Get yourself an Ipad, Download OnSong. Purchase the BeatBuddy Midi connector, get a Bluetooth wireless midi such as the Yamaha MD-BT101 put your songs in the OnSong app, install the midi commands, and control your BeatBuddy without even touching the BeatBuddy. Much Faster, and way easier to run the show.