BeatBuddy Standalone Software / Mobile App

Hello, Beatbuddyes! I live in Brazil and here the economy is crap, especially in my pocket! A Beatbuddy arrives here for about six hundred dollars, because of the fees, taxes and shipping.

I loved the stompbox Beatbuddy and the whole concept behind the idea!

Because of this, I created my own solution using Beatbuddy Manager as a rhythm machine itself!

I adapted a mouse to work as a footswitch and works perfectly.

My suggestion would be that you develop a mobile app that used a footswitch connection in P2 (headphones) as a trigger.

It would be a success! I would pay a few bucks for it!

Congratulations on the excellent product. Peace and good luck!

Take an old PC keyboard and plug it in to your PC USB port with the BB Manager loaded up. All you need to do is press the space bar from that point to start, trigger the fills, hold for the transition and press twice to stop just like the for real pedal on the Beat Buddy. Another tip! Find someone (a friend) that lives in the US or US territories and have them buy a Beat Buddy and then ship it to you. It would be easier than trying to by it through a local shop with the foreign shipping rates and probably wouldn’t cost that much to ship it. Just a thought.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Hi, Finger! I hack a mouse with a keyboard sustain pedal and use it for control de Beatbuddy Manager. It works fine!

But in live scene, the Manager is not so friendly as I wish.

Thanks for tips!

This is a image of the beatmouse!


On my previous statement to use an old keyboard as a pedal like the Main Pedal pushbutton switch is not quite correct. The spacebar will not initially trigger the manager. You still have to use the mouse arrow and do the first click on the pedal and then the space bar will work after that.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Fingerstylepicker, with mousebuddy I play live very much like BeatBuddy Manager , so if the interface were more friendly, could be a viable commercial option for desktops and mobile devices

There is something to do about midi sync?