Beatbuddy starting my Aeros

My beatbuudy seems to be telling my aeros to start recording when I don’t want it to. I do have things chained so that the beatbuddy is first. I seem to recall a setting that relates to this. I recently did firmware and content updates. Maybe there is a preference setting that needs attention?

Hello, yes, there are settings on both the Aeros and the BeatBuddy to change how the MIDI command is being sent/received.

In the Aeros Device Settings menu, you can set the Aeros to respond to the MIDI Start command by Recording (if no track is available in the part) and/or playback.

With both on, a blank song part will start recording once the BB starts the main beat, and if the song part has tracks in it, it will start playback in the Aeros. If only Record is on, then if the part is blank, the Aeros will start recording with the MIDI Start message, if the song part is not empty, nothing will happen. If only Playback is selected, then Aeros will not automatically start recording once it receives MIDI start, it will only play back.

In the BeatBuddy:
Go to settings by pressing Drum Set and Tempo knobs at once, then go to Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI Out, and there you’ll find several settings that change how the BeatBuddy sends messages to the Aeros.