Beatbuddy Sync problems

Hello everyone,
I have a strange problem again. Lately I’ve noticed that the beatbuddy doesn’t sync my looper “Ditto X4” properly. Sometimes the synchronization is correct (indicated by an LED on the looper), then again the first beat of the bar is missing in the same song (e.g. 4/4 time). Sometimes there is no change or only a very delayed change if, for example, I adjust the speed button. I installed firmware 3.8.0. Can someone give me a tip?


Nobody here who can help me?

Might be best to contact

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Hey there,

It may be related to ditto lacking a resync algorithm. When working on the Aeros we found it lost synchronization as time passed, for this reason, we made Aeros resync constantly. It’s a guess but possibly could be related.

I do not know if Ditto supports seamless tempo changes of already recorded audio, the shifting sync may be related to this.

Have you searched the forum for some answers yet? This seems related. You may find more!

Some users have found luck by turning off intros on the BeatBuddy. For some reason, Ditto doesn’t like getting the start command after the intro from BB.

We will look into if there’s anything on our side but Aeros has no issue starting on time currently.

Thanks for reporting!

Hello thanks
for the information. In the meantime I have tried copying the intro of a few songs into the main loop. so far I have had no more problems.
I will keep watching.

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It’s not the first time that I see problems with Ditto x4 and not only with the beatbuddy , but with the sync of Ditto
I saw a guy explain that’s happen with the last Ditto firmware update.

I suspect that there will be no more Ditto x4 update