BeatBuddy-TC Looper 4x-TC Play Acoustic

A newbie - With these 3 pedals, the best way to set up inline? I do have the sync cable for BeatBuddy and the 4x. Will eventually end up live and also using a DAW in a home studio. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Welcome. If you haven’t done so yet, you might want to spend some time browsing this forum. It will give you a good foundation; use the Search function for specific interests. Once you’ve got a little experience configuring and playing the pedal based on the knowledge you’ve gained here, then feel free to ask questions. Of course, it never hurts to read your user manuals for all your pedals and the video tutorials.

I spent a bit of time searching but did not find what I needed.

There’s quite a bit on here about the Ditto 4x. Bottom line is that it did not play well with Beat Buddy. I don’t think I’ve seen anybody list all three of your pedal in combination other than you. But, search for Ditto 4x, and read the post from people who really used it. As far as setting it up goes, it’s really pretty self-defined given the ins and outs available.

Midi is BB midi out to Ditto Midi in.
Audio is BB direct to mixer. Guitar and mic in to Voice Live. Voice live out via XLR to 1/4 cables, one going into each input of the Ditto. Then both Ditto outs to the mixer.

Hmmm. Everything I could find here and on the Net says it works flawlessly. Just needed the newest firmware update.

If they got it all fixed, that’s great. I remember a post from August that was still complaining about the sync drifting, and the fact that the Ditto would, in effect, quantize a loop to the nearest beat, not to a full measure, or something to that effect. That seemed to be the summary of the concerns. The consensus seemed to be that the only really dependable loopers for the BB were the Pigtronix Infinity, the Boomerang, and the software looper, Quantiloop.

I had a Ditto, among other loopers, before settling on the Infinity. But, there are surely other users on here who use loopers more than me, as I try to build BB arrangements that don’t need a looper.

Are you using the Ditto X4? I just received that this week and have not had a chance to hook all up yet. The Ditto doesn’t have the ability to sync as the X4 does. The new update also added the stop/start functions.

Yes, I know that the x4 is the only one with midi. I had one, and sold it after I settled on the Infinity. Like I said, I really hope it works. It looks like a good little pedal, and it was easy to work with. In the end, it just didn’t have the features I wanted.

So… I’m at the same question mark on this subject right now… Did you manage to make BB and x4 to work together flawlessly?

Also trying to decide on Ditto X4 or not. I just got the Boss RC-3 but now that I found the Beat Buddy and found out you can sync it to a looper with MIDI Im rethinking the RC-3 and wanted the Ditto X4 but not if its not going to work. Th X4 is about as much as Id want to spend for a hobbyist playing guitar only rarely for fun.