BeatBuddy to AMP and Audio Interface

I need to connect the BeatBuddy to my bass amp, but also to my audio interface (Focusrite). It seems to work if I connect Left output to the amp, and Right output to the interface. Is the signals identical (mono) in Left and Right? If so, I guess its ok to connect the BeatBuddy to amp and interface using output L and R…?

BeatBuddy is a stereo device. The signals are not the same.

You could use a stereo direct box like the Mackie MDB-2P to provide you a local “copy” of the signal as well as a feed to your interface.

If you must use it as a mono device, plug in only to the L (Mono) output. (In which case a mono direct box like the MDB-1P is the solution). If you plug into both outputs, BeatBuddy produces a stereo signal, where each jack delivers different parts of the stereo soundscape.

By the way; a bass amp is not a great way to amplify a drum pedal. There is a lot of high frequency content, and your bass amp simply won’t deliver it (nor would a guitar amp for that matter).

BeatBuddy does best with PA’s, keyboard and acoustic guitar amps.


…or use a stereo DI. ART makes a good, inexpensive one.

For recording, I’d use stereo. Usually, bass and snare are centred, other drum set sounds aren’t. Some percussion sounds may be only on one channel.
So, indeed you would need something that splits your signal. Either a (passive) DI box or a small mixer with additional monitor-out. You won’t probably set a stereo pair of monitor boxes which have an audio-thru jack - that’s a third possibility.

Thanks for all answers, I really appreciate. I think I buy a small mixer, and connect my bass guitar to line 1 and BeatBuddy to line 2/3. Then I connect the main output to the interface, and the additional output (monitor?) to the bass amp. Does this make sence? :slight_smile:

Go to “Settings”( push drum set and tempo together) scroll down to “audio settings” and select it, then scroll to “Mono” and select it. Then, back out of “settings” and the left and right output will play the sum of both channels, or mono. i’m not sure if the input will be in both channels, though.


In addition to mono settings, there is the main output and the headphone output which can be used at the same time.


Sorry I forgot that workaround for splitting the signal - and thanks to Quad to mention it! How exactly would you do that? Just insert a TS (mono) plug into the phones jack? Or do bass monitors have two audio-ins? You see, I’m a keyboard guy who exclusively thinks in stereo.

I recently purchased a Strike 12 amp from Alesis, what an awesome sound!!