Beatbuddy transition at end of current song part?

Hi. I’m wondering if Beatbuddy (with Aeros) can do the following. While playing a song part I’d like to trigger a transition to the next song-part to happen when the current song part ends. Currently Beatbuddy seems to transition to the next song part at the start of the next bar. I’d like to be able to press the pedal early in the current song part to trigger a transition at the end of the current part. Thanks in advance for any advice you have on this. Chris G

Hey there, unfortunately the only way to do this is by holding down the pedal on the BB or sending a CC113 value 1-32 command to start the transition and then a CC113 value 0 to stop looping the transition and switch to the next part at the next measure.

We hope to be able to create an autopilot mode that will be able to do what you’re asking with pre-planning, but that fist requires we finish BBM2 which is under way.

Stay tuned, thanks for the question!

Hi ! Thanks so much for this info. Just to clarify, holding down the BB pedal does not seem to do what I want. Holding down the pedal results in the transition happening at the next bar, not at the end of the current song section. This would be a nice option to be able to select on the BB.

Thanks again,
Chris G

Hey, that sounds like an issue, it should not work this way. What firmware version are you currently on? You can check this in the BB main menu, hold both the Tempo and Drum Set knobs down at once. Scroll down to About BeatBuddy to find the current version it is on.

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Let me know thanks!