Beatbuddy Transition CC113 problems (FW 4.1.6)

@BrennanSingularSound Hi Brennan.

I’m having problems making the BB play a 2-bars transition using CC113 (127 on press, 0 on release) because it only plays the first bars and then moves to the next part.

This was working before FW 4.1.6 but I can’t remember which FW the BB was on then.
I even tried adding different delay values after the 127 value is sent (not needed before) to no avail.
I’m using a MC6Pro controller from Morningstar and I confirmed it’s sending the CC113 values correctly.
I have also tried with the Pocket MIDI app and the result is the same.

Could you please try this (more than 1-bar transition) and let me know if it works for you?

Thank you!
PS: CC121 does nothing at all.

UPDATE: Solved!
Found the cause of the problem: At least one of the notes present in the last bar (second, in this case) of the Transition needs to extend all the way to the end of the bar. This is in relation to CC113.

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