Beatbuddy Tweaking Out/Unusable With Foot Pedal

I am at my wit’s end here and am not sure how to proceed. I have used the beat buddy and footswitch pedal for years as a regular part of my act. However, several months ago I noticed that when using the footswitch pedal to transition between parts it would get stuck in transition and not go to the next part. Then the screen would randomly switch between BPM, other songs, etc when trying to switch to different songs. And then the foot switch pedal would stop working altogether. I tried using a different quarter inch cable, didn’t work, I bought a new beat buddy and had the same problem. They sent me another beat buddy and I had the same problem again. Then they sent me a new footswitch pedal and I had the same problem again. They told me to try plugging the beat buddy directly into the wall outlet instead of using a power strip and that combined with using a new foot switch pedal worked for about 30 minutes into my first set, and then it started to degrade and by the end of the set I had to disconnect the pedal. The weird thing is that the beat buddy works fine without the foot switch pedal, but it’s really annoying when I have to stop playing and hold down the pedal manually to transition between parts mid-song. I have also tried to download the new software.

Has anyone else had this problem? And how did you fix it?

I love using the beat buddy, it adds so much to my act, and I perform professionally full-time, but I don’t know what to do!! HELP!

Did you a footswitch detection ?
If not go to BB settings >footswitch>footswitch detection >follow the instructions on the screen

Main pedal or outboard switches?

You’ve replaced pretty much everything that could be broken or have a problem. That should have fixed something. What else do you have on your pedalboard or near the Beat Buddy and/or footswitch such as pedals or other gear? Wondering if something nearby is radiating some sort of RF (radio frequency) or other interference that the connected footswitch or its cable acts as an ‘antenna’ to the ‘noise’ and disrupts/confuses the operation of the Beat Buddy. Bluetooth device, wireless mics, wireless mixer, cell phone, tablet, etc?