BeatBuddy user demo

I put together a quick overview of the BB features, beats and drum kits, followed by a live demo. Check it out:

Nice coverage, cool playing, awesome voice! Thanks for the video. I really enjoyed it!!!

Can you answer a question though - it’s about the color-coding of a BeatBuddy screen. What color is the display when the fill is playing. Is it actually greenish blue like on the video? I am pretty sure mine is yellow. I am also interested in what color is the middle line. Is it light cyan/blue?

Thanks, glad you liked it. The display is yellow for the fill, but the color didn’t really show on the video as you noticed. I don’t have the BB at hand right now to check for sure, but I think the middle line is white - the same color as the display when the beat is stopped.

Thanks for answering. The middle line is indeed white.