beatbuddy, voicelive 3 and headphones...

the feature in bb, to be able to just plug the guitar in and you get both drums and guitar in the headphones, is brilliant:-)
since i also have the voicelive 3, i’m wondering if somehow, i can also get to hear the vocals in the headphones…?
now, my setup is:

  • guitar to vl3 input
  • vl3 output to bb input
  • headphones to bb

this way i get the guitar effects from the vl3 when playing to the drums of bb.
now, if i could only get the vocals in, it would be even greater…
maybe one of these?

then i would be able to connect the guitar and mic into the adapter…
and then one of these to get it into the headphone input…–090-327

what do you think?
would this work?

They are cheap so why not just try it. Personally I wouldn’t plug large adapters like that into the BB as it could, over time wear out the sockets.
But I am confused with this whole concept, surely if you are plugging the VL3 into the BB which includes the guitar and voice you should already be hearing both through the headphone socket of the BB.

the vl3 has separate outputs for vocals and guitar, so to hear both, i would need 2 inputs in bb…

i have a voice live 3 and voice live 2 you come out of the xlrs on voice live 3 and u should hear both the guitar and vocals thru yr bb
just don t plug anything in the jacks of voice live

not sure what you’re saying…?
i also have both of those voicelive units;-)
“xlrs” as in plural, meaning i would need an adapter to get 2 inputs on the bb?

“just don t plug anything in the jacks of voice live”
what do you mean by this?
i plug my guitar in the vl to get effects and if this thing with adapters work, also harmonies…

ok make your self 2 xlr to jack cable to go into yr beat buddy …i meant don’t go out of the guitar out puts of the voice live 3 into your BB
the XLR out L AND R will send the guitar and harmonies to BB u either make a cable XLR to jack * 2 or use a mic cable with adapter from xlr to jack to go to yr BB ins

on another note check the voice live 3 extreme u mite wanna change your game i just got news from TC its a game changer

plug guitar into VL3.
plug BB into VL3 (aux port).
Plug headphones into VL3 headphone jack…adjust vocals, guitar, drums(aux port) levels through the mixer.

great simple alternative going thru headphone jack of VL3 which is summing the outs

thanx, i’ll try that when i get the chance :slight_smile:

An alternative to headphones, after plugging everything in to to the VL3, would be to send the guitar out to a guitar amp, and the XLR out to a PA. You could also not use the guitar out and then everything will be sent to the XLR out.

I think the OP was trying to put the BB downstream of the VL3. Instead, plug the BB into the VL3 aux port and use the VL3 mixer to adjust vocal, guitar, and BB levels for your mains, and at the same time, the headphone output could then act like a monitor with separate levels from the mains, in cases where you might want a metronome or drum/vocal only track in your phones.