BeatBuddy/Voicelive 3

I have loaded the newest firmware from both products,i got midi in out hooked up and talking to each other but when I press the doubling/comp or the harmony/drive on the VL3 in normal mode (not looping) it stops or pauses the BB Im obviously missing somthing on setup, other than unhooking the midi out from the stop it from doing that, any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

I’m guessing you posted on the VL3 board, but just in case, I can’t see why the VL3 is telling the BB to stop. I’ve never been able to get my VL3 to tell my BB anything. Anyhow, are you using the factory BB cable and only the factory BB cable, for testing purposes?

Also, read the BB MIDI manual, it kind of tells you what all the BB MIDI functions are, and what they are supposed to do.

as far as I know, VL3 doesn’t have any midi master capability so it can’t send midi input to the BB…

I just unplugged the midi out from the vl3 and it stops just wondering why when I go in to harmony mode it stops or starts the bb, havent looped with this set up yet