Beatbuddy volume falls off

Hello, I am new to this forum. I am a casual user of my beatbuddy. I have found that sometimes the volume falls off and returns spontaneously. It is very annoying and pretty much terminates use. Is this a problem others have noted? Is there a fix? Whatever software version is in the pedal, it is original - i.e., has never been upgraded. Thanks.

Try cleaning all the jacks and swapping cables. And upgrade to the latest firmware.

Check that your power adaptor plug is making good contact and that the adaptor is fully seated in the outlet. Are you using the BB power adaptor or are you powering it from a power brick? If so, best to use the wall wart that came with your pedal. If you have another power source equal to the BB’s, voltage and m/a, you could try that too.

According to an e-mail that just came out for
BB premium content, there should be a new f/w release tomorrow. If the “drumsticks from above” favor us, maybe we’ll see that new firmware tomorrow. It should be worth the day’s wait ;- )

When you say volume falls off and returns, you mean visually on screen? If so, this is fixed by upgrading the firmware, which we are releasing tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Mine was doing this when I first got it also, not just volume on the screen it would suddely get very quiet, then after a bit come back to full volume, all randomly. I am using the original power supply. I reloaded the firmware that it currently has and the issue seems to have gone away. I can’t remember if I had the headphone volume turned on a bit or not but now it is completely shut off and that might have helped things. I also used to get the headphone volume display show up and then go away, it was never in sync with when the volume would fall off though. I never see the headphone volume display pop up now after reloading the firmware and keeping the headphone volume shut off. Weather it was reloadign firmware or keeping headphone volume shut off, one of the two seems to have fixed the problem for me, knock on wood.

Hi Protonman, I have had this problem since purchasing beat buddy 12 moths ago & have never been able to use the unit. Today i downloaded the full sd card which has 1.85 firmware but the volume still just fluctuates on the display between 30 and 36%, I cannot turn it up to 100%. I am using the power supply it came with direct from the mains.
No solutions I’ve seen work.

On your BeatBuddy, press the ‘tempo’ and ‘drumset’ knobs down at the same time. This will bring you into the settings menu. Then select and enter the About BeatBuddy option. What does it say on the second line?

Hi 2nd line says version:firm -1.8.5

Send me an email at with a link to this forum thread so I know it’s you. I want to take a look at your BeatBuddy and I will provide you instructions on sending it to me.