BeatBuddy Volume % keeps showing in the screen

I don’t know if somebody has posted something about it, but anyway here it goes.

BeatBuddy user for 5+ years and successfully playing live with it every week in an outdoor venue since October 2020, yesterday at a party the BB started showing constantly the Volume % in the screen. Also, the volume didn’t go below 7% and neither beyond 87%. Very odd. The first time.

I thought at first it was the Firmware or the Card, but it wasn’t because I took the card out and the error kept showing on the screen.

So, I opened the BB and used an air duster cleaner for a couple of minutes.

Voila! It worked.

So, I hope this helps for somebody out there.

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I’ve long believed that a little bit of housekeeping under the hood of our BeatBuddys as you’ve described is a great starting point for troubleshooting.

That and careful use of DeOxit to help restore switch functionality.

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That happened to my older original BB as well some time ago.
Just out warrantee of course.
I was told it was the main board.
I will try the air cleaner tomorrow. Thanks for passing it on.

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