BeatBuddy vs Pat the spoon!(just for laughs)

Yow!! That is some hot spoon playin right there.

They ain’t just for eatin pudding anymore. I wouldn’t let him play with me. He’d steal the show!!:smiley:

Spoon Buddy? At least a spoon Kit.

Great video…!
Just wondering whether the axe in the log is a standard feature in your house…or a threat to the spoon player not to overdo it…!!!

That sounds great! Haven’t played spoons in a long time. I didn’t dance like that but had fun anyway. I couldn’t hold the spoons together so I taped them with a spacer in between. Worked for me. I guess I need to get some spoons and try my luck at it again. A musician will find a way to make music one way or another. My Mom was a Keyboard Player but if there wasn’t anything around, she’d grab a “Washboard” and some “Thimbles” and make Rhythm. It sounded great and we had lots of fun. Thanks for posting this. It brings back memories.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.