BeatBuddy Website Changed? Where's that list? Suggestions?

Hey All,

I’m NEW out here. I own a BeatBuddy + Footswitch. Before I purchased the two items, the BeatBuddy website was different. There was like Spreadsheet style list of songs that gave you a Genre and the BPM. Now, that’s gone. Does anyone have any suggestions to the following list of songs? Any help would be appreciated. I looked up the BPM’s. No idea on what genre/styling to use from my BeatBuddy.

She’s on Fire - Train 96 BPM
Dancing Days – Led Zep 118 BPM
Times Like These – Foo 124 BPM
Lonely is the night – Billy Squier 86 BPM
*Maggie – Rod Stewart 130 BPM
*She’s so High (capo 2nd) – Tal Bachman 125 BPM
Sweeter – Gavin DeGraw 93 bpm
Slide (capo 2nd) ROCK 13 111 BPM (This was one from that old list)
Fly Away – Lenny K 160 BPM
Cough Syrup – Young The Giant 129 BPM
Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams 140 BPM
*Shine (Drop D) – Collective Soul 151 BPM
Faithfully – Journey 130 BPM
Faith – George Michael 96 BPM
*Jagger (CAPO 7th) – Maroon 5 129 BPM
Need You Tonight – INXS 110 BPM
*Sunday Morning – Maroon 5 89 BPM
Counting Stars (capo 4th) Pop 11, 122bpm (another one from that list)
Not over you (capo 2nd) – Gavin DeGraw 143 bpm
Hole Hearted – Extreme 204 BPM
Every Rose Has Its Thorn – Poison 141 BPM
Gives you Hell – All American Rejects 100 BPM
Everybody talks – Neon Trees 155 bpm
cuts like a knife – Bryan Adams 96 bpm
I don’t wanna be - ROCK 12 155 BPM (another suggestion from that list)
Jessies girl – Rick Springfield 132 BPM
*Pink Houses - John Cougar 115 BPM
*Plush – STP 133 BPM
Talks to angels – Black Crows 160 bpm (not believing that bpm)
I cant go for that – Hall & Oates 111 bpm
*harder to breathe – Maroon 5150 BPM
*Joker – Steve Miller 165 BPM
*Jenny 867-5309 – Tommy TuTone 138 BPM
Feel like makin love – Bad Co. 82 BPM
*Panama – Van Halen 141 bpm
pour some sugar on me – Def Lep 170 BPM

EXTRAS (don’t know bpms)

*Forget You - Gnarls Barkley
Everybody wants you - Billy Squier
What I like about you - The Romantics
*Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars
*Blister in the Sun - Violet Femmes
*Cake by the Ocean - DNCE


Many of the songs on your list have already been put together as one-press bass songs and are available here on the forum. Just search in Resources. I put an asterisk by those songs that I believe have already been posted. Here, I’ll get you started:

Awesome, thank you so much! I dig it a lot. I purchased some Drum Beats and Drum Sets as well from the Premium Library. :slight_smile:

Also, it is often fairly easy to build the song you want by doing a Google search for the MIDI file of the song. Simply open the MIDI file in a MIDI editor, then get rid of all instruments other than drums, export as a new .MID file, and then add that .MID file to a new song in BeatBuddy. You can often harvest the bass part from the MIDI file too if you want. You can even build your own kit with added effects, such as keys. (There are instructions in the forums here, and lots of people who can help).

I sometimes build songs from scratch using the MIDI editor in Logic Pro. It is time-consuming, but it works great.

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Spreadsheet link is here:

Thanks for the info, Lanny! Never messed with MIDI, but I’ll give it a shot! :slight_smile:

Hey Phil, nice! Thanks for the URL!! :wink: