BeatBuddy - What are you playing it through?

I have not found any discussions on what fellow users are playing their BeatBuddy through. In a home environment or patio’s I have tried the Fender Acoustasonic, the Bose L1 Compact, and the Fishman Loud Box Mini. I would sure like to have your comments on this. Thank you kindly.

This topic is discussed all over the place, the problem is that they could be in a different forum, mentioned in another thread, or the titles aren’t very descriptive. The other problem is that you can’t search the word “amp” as it is to small.
However the amps you have mentioned have all been discussed in various forms before.
I have just done a search for “fender” across all forums and got these results.

Here is searching just “Bose”

Lastly this is searching for “Fishman”

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As Psalm40 says above, this topic has been addressed in several threads. Because of limitations with this version of the software used for this forum, Search does not work well for subjects of three or fewer letters. When searching for a three-letter topic such as amp, you can add an asterisk to amp*. This method does not work for two-letter searches, such as with pa*. In a case like this, you just have to try to outsmart the software and search for pa system.

Also, folks have asked "what speaker do you use . . . " so you could try searching on speaker. YMMV

I play it through a P.A. system on it’s own channel.

When we use it at church, it goes through the PA. Otherwise, it goes through whatever amplification I’m using - for guitar, I use two Peavey Transformer amps connected in stereo. For bass guitar, I use an Ibanez Promethean 5110 or 5210.

The only public setting I use it in is in the lower auditorium at our church, as when we have the main service upstairs in the main sanctuary we have a full band including a drummer and professional drumkit. For the lower auditorium I run the BB through the same channel as my guitar through the AUX input of my Line 6 Pod hd300 which goes through a wall jack into the main board. Would love to have another channel for drums, unfortunately we just don’t have enough channels on the board for that.

I should add that the BB sounds best with a flat response, bass- capable setup. No low freq response like a guitar cab means no thump, lack of high end like a lot of bass cabs means no sizzle. Keyboard amps are the obvious choice as is a PA with a good subwoofer.

I use a small Acoustic brand acoustic amp. It sounds pretty clean & natural but not alot of thump…

Home: BB>Behringer Xenyx 802 mixer> JBL LSR 305 studio monitors
BB> GK MB200 bass amp aux in> GK NEO112-II cab

Church BB>Behringer PMP5000 powered mixer> Peavey PVx speakers

Sounds great all 3 ways

My Trifecta… Beat Buddy ,J45 Gibson and Fishman loudbox mini