BeatBuddy white noise

Hi Persist,

I love this song, however, I am experiencing some issues. I am not sure if it’s me, the song or the drum kit (because I found I only use NP Brushes Upright Horns Strings for this song…so far!).

My apologies if this is “wordy”.

I issue started with a “white noise” while songs were loading. I searched the forum and reached out to support. Essentially, I was told I may have a corrupt files or SD card. Inasmuch as I have files going back to the old forum, I decided to start with a new SD card.

I bought a new card, saved my project, it worked flawlessly; no noise while loading several songs! (There was much rejoicing!)

Today, however, I tried to play “Sweet Caroline” with NP Brushes Upright Horns Strings. The “white noise” came back while it was loading AND now it happens when loading all the other songs, too.

Might you have some idea as to what may have caused this?

Worst case, I figure I can blow away Sweet Caroline and and the drum kit from my Project and save it to a new SD card (I bought two because I always have backup for live performances).

However, I really want to keep the song…It’s a HUGE crowd pleaser/audience participation tune!

Thanks as always! Have a great day!

Hi. Sorry you’re having problems with the song. I’ll look into it and see if I can improve it.

  1. Meanwhile, delete the song and the drum set. Quit and then relaunch the BBM. If the noise still happens, it may not have been the song/drum set.
    if the noise is gone, and
  2. if you can re-download and reimport the song and drum set, see if that helps with the noise.

Let me know if that resolves the noise issue. Either way, I’ll see if I can find a new MIDI source file.

Thanks for the quick response.

I am not certain if the song/drumset are the issue, but it seemed coincidental that the issue was resolved until I tried Sweet Caroline.

I’m going to delete both and start over and see what happens. I’ll let you know.

Thanks for all your help!

Hi Persist,

I’ve been screwing around with this noise thing for quite a while now.

I am not convinced that Sweet Caroline and/or drum kit is the issue. I deleted both and the noise persists.

Can a particular song or drum kit corrupt a whole project?

If so, why would that make the whole project go bad even though I’m not always using the corrupt song or drum kit?

Do you have any suggestions as to how I might isolate the problem.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks again!


Does this happen just on the pedal or does it happen in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) as well? If only on the pedal, does it happen with stock beats or only with OPB type songs?

If this is only happening on the pedal, here’s how to isolate and test each of the potential internal and then external sources:

BeatBuddy (BB) internal sources test these one-by-one (test guidance in parentheses)

  • power supply (use BB power adaptor; if you have AEROS or MAESTRO, try one of those power sources with your BB; avoid daisy chain power sources; check power cable for frayed insulation or bad connector jack—make sure the jack is firmly seated in the power port)
  • output patch cables connecting pedal to amplifier (remove all patch cables and plug headphones into headphones jack; if noisy, then SD, firmware or pedal are suspect; if no noise, try new patch cables making sure they’re not TRS—stereo—cables)
  • failing SD card (make sure it’s formatted as MS-DOS(FAT32))
  • corrupt project (create a new project in the BBM and put one song and drum set in the project, export project to SD card and test for white noise; if no noise, download default content update 2.1 and copy these files and folders to the SD card using the computer SD slot reader; test stock beats for noise)
  • bad firmware update (download new firmware file and install to card using computer SD slot reader)
  • failing pedal (if you tried all of the above and still have the noise, you might have a pedal that’s heading south; to verify, test the external sources below and if you can’t resolve the noise issue—contact Support and share these steps and your results)

Sources external to BB If you’ve tested all of the internal variables and there’s no more noise, test the following with the pedal to cover all of the bases

  • radio interference from external source such as cell phone, fluorescent lights, other pedals (remove any of these sources)
  • mixer (did your settings change?)
  • PA or amplifier (check your settings and all connections on the amplifiers)
  • remove the BB pedal and try other pedals with your amplifier and mixer; if any noise, your source is probably at the mixer or amplifier level and not the BB

These probably aren’t all of the things to try to isolate but it’s a good start on resolving your problem with noise. Please let us know how you fix it as I am compiling issues and solutions in a troubleshooting guide.

BTW, I’m going to prune the noise posts into a separate and new thread to make it easier for other users to self-diagnose and fix similar issues.

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Great info! I have some work to do now!

Sorry I’m always making more for you. :frowning:

Thank you!

And, to answer you initial guestions, it only happens on the pedal. There is no noise on the BBM. However, the songs don’t load on my computer. It’s more just click and play.

The noise is also present with both stock beats and OPBs. In fact, Support had me download stock files on a new SD card and the noise still exists.

Does that tell you anything?

Hi there, what you are hearing is likely an electrical problem. This can happen when the BeatBuddy shares power with Analog Pedals and/or other Digital devices. This is easily fixable by using a dedicated PSU power supply for your BeatBuddy and pedals. Some claim to be dedicated PSUs and are not, I have seen users say this one is very good:

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I am having to same issue with white noise “hissing” sound. Were you able to identify the root cause?

I just received my BeatBuddy a few days ago. I updated the firmware and loaded a couple of drum kits. Sounded great with headphones on. Noticed the white noise when jamming along through my amp.

Support suggested going directly from a wall outlet and switching 9v power supplies. I did all that plus change cables and plug it into a different amp by itself. Still have white noise. Very noticeable when the pedal is not engaged, just idling.

Looking for some help please. Thank you.

I usually say the same thing, look for adequate PSU power solutions! They can be pricey but are well worth it!

Hi there! When I had this problem I tried several things. The two that worked was replacing the SD card with one that was faster but the most important thing was to use an original Beat Buddy A/C adapter (I had to purchase one directly from Beat Buddy) and plug it directly into the wall outlet. Doing this cleared up all of my noise issues and they haven’t come back. I hope this helps! Good luck!


Thanks Andy. I did purchase a faster SD card and downloaded original content using a link supplied by support.
So far it’s been working well without any excessive noise.
Support has been very responsive and even offered to replace the pedal if I wanted.
I’m planning on keeping it unless the problem returns.


That’s awesome! It’s great when it’s an “easy fix”. :slight_smile:

Plugging directly into a wall socket is not always an option when used for live performance? I agree about the SD though. I was getting some noise (still do ocassionally) even using a Trutone CS12 as @BrennanSingularSound mentioned above. A faster card reduces a lot of the noise. Especially when flicking between songs and they loaded off the card it could be really noisy!

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Hello Andy,

I have had similar noise issue with my BeatBuddy, which I’ve had for many years now. Initially, using mainly one custom folder and songs, I thought it was just part of loading a folder or a song so I did not pay too much attention to it. However, recently I purchased the Premium Library, and noticed that the noise durations seemed to vary with different folders and songs, and I could even hear a short interval of the noise during measure changes within some songs. Therefore, I started looking into possible causes and remedies for the noise.

I have been successful in silencing the noise, at least temporarily since it still does make an appearance once in a while, after an overnight power shutdown, but not everyday.

The method which I discovered that works on my BeatBuddy unit and silences that noise is to unplug and plug-in the footswitch connector/jack several times while the noise is happening, it may take a few attempts maybe 3 or 4 times, but it works. And, the BeatBuddy operates completely noise free. I have since cleaned the said contacts thinking that perhaps there was some form of contamination which prohibited proper grounding, but that has not resulted in a permanent fix.

I have relayed this info to the BeatBuddy’s Support team, maybe it’ll give them some kind of a clue as to what causes the noise since it can be silenced by the aforementioned sequence of unplugging and plugging the footswitch connection. Perhaps, a permanent fix can be figured out.

Hopefully, the aforementioned method which has successfully worked on my BeatBuddy in silencing that noise will also be beneficial to other users as well.

Kind Regards!


Thank you, Sir!

Support told me several things to do including a new SD card and to plug directly into the wall outlet (not a power strip). This worked…for a while. However, the noise has recently come back. I just ordered some more SD cards (so I can store projects separately, also). However, I will try your “fix” as well! I haven’t tried that one before. Thanks again and have great week!