Beatbuddy will be delivered tomorrow - pretty excited

TL:DR. - Where has this thing been all my life? Just like all the live drummers in my area. Missing.

While sitting in a dentist’s chair getting thousands of dollars in work done wishing I could spend that money on music gear, I decided I was going to get this Beatbuddy thing that was introduced to me by a guitarist who was interested in jamming with me. I was rather impressed, most beat machines that were a part of an effects pedal or something sounded no where near as good as this thing, and he had so many beats to choose from that were just the defaults. He informed me there was some functionality with a personal computer. So here I am months later waiting on my purchase to show up after driving to GC with a numb face hoping they had it in stock locally.

They didn’t or I’d already be playing with the thing. In the meantime I’ve been reading up and I’m pretty darn excited about it. Have already installed my copy of Reaper, and for the first time started looking into recording midi drum tracks with it. Here’s thank you number one to Beatbuddy - you made me go and find out just how much SIMPLER it is to write a drum beat using a VST within a DAW. My god if I had only known, I’d have never put so much effort into my Zoom RT223, which is highly functional, but as far as I can tell pretty difficult to figure out how to get it to correctly function. I’ve had hours of frustration with the Zoom, as I can’t find any way to undo something if I make a mistake and end up having to start over. As a bass player who just wanted something better than the basic unchangable beats out of digitech pedals or my BOSS RC-3, it just required too much effort for it to be fun and simple enough to write both drums and bass lines. I had a basic beat going that I could’ve kept adding and adding to or deleting unwanted experiments within minutes with a free drum kit VST through reaper. So call me excited, I’m going to be able to write my own midi tracks for the Beatbuddy, and am probably going to end up looking into a couple drum VST’s to play around with via DAW just for more inspiration in that regard.

I think this is probably going to be the best $350 (with tax and foot switch) I ever spent on an electric drum machine and it doesn’t even have little pressure sensitive pads to tap on. I’ll probably be adding an affordable DAW controller and midi controller to my home setup for this purpose…which essentially will make my PC my drum machine… but I’ll be able to put it on this amazing pedal, which could fit on my pedalboard. Of course it won’t live up to playing with live musicians but even without having it yet… I already know I’m going to have so much more fun playing music in the solo setting I’ve been playing in lately.

So here I am thinking of all this functionality in the size of an average effects pedal…SD Memory, user created songs, midi-sync for when I ultimately get myself a much nicer looper than my boss RC-3 (I’m thinking BOSS RC-300, but most likely going to end up with EHX’s lovely looping machine hopefully between now and next year.) And even though there’s plenty I’m leaving out, like foot controls, what seems to add to the excitement is the fact that this product is like… still under development. Potential for PC programs that add new functionality, firm-ware updates that offer new functionality. I mean… I’d LOVE an Rytm, which is way beyond my needs but such an amazing piece of equipment… but for simply getting a drumbeat where I struggled to do for many years… I am so glad this thing didn’t cost near as much as the dental work I mentioned earlier… and I just don’t see a way where it isn’t worth every penny of being an affordable beat machine that fits on your pedal board.

Anyway, I apologize for being so wordy with my first post on these forums and probably not even covering every little detail that has me ecstatic and eyeing my front door like a hawk tomorrow waiting for the delivery man. I know it’s been out for at least a couple of years now… I’m late to the party and man do I wish I’d had this thing for most of my life.

Feel free to poke some fun at the noob here, and make my acquaintance. I’m quite certain this is just a beginning of my involvement in the community.

Great first post and welcome! You’re going to need to learn how to use the Beat Buddy Manager program. It’s quirky, but there’s plenty of help here. Search the forum, check out the Resources and enjoy. Also, once you get your pedal running, update it to the latest firmware, if it’s not already there. Enjoy!

Welcome and hope you enjoy your BeatBuddy.

I’d avoid the Boss RC-300 or any Boss looper if you plan on using MIDI sync. Search through the forums and you’ll see that I and many others have discussed loopers quite a lot. The best MIDI sync hardware loopers are the Pigtronix Infinity, the Boomerang 3 and the probably the VoiceLive 3 Extreme. Avoid Boss and Ditto - the MIDI sync is flaky and will make you cry at night.

Those who are a bit more technically savvy, like myself, tend to go for an iPad setup using Quantiloop. Typically using an iRig Pro Duo and iRig Blueboard. I have a video of my setup on another forum post here: The iPad setup opens up a whole new world of possibilities due to the amount of apps for musicians.

It is the best $350 you’ve ever spent the real drum kit sounds alone are amazing and all the content you can purchase for cheap on SIngular Sound its just awesome the editing takes a little while but once you get the hang its awesome

Welcome, MKoff! You’re going to have a lot of fun! I also have to agree with @ruairiau. I’ve had the BB for over a year and struggled with several things, mostly getting over the midi and DAW parts of the learning curve. Heck I’m still learning! Getting apps like SetlistMaker to work properly with the BB and several other apps I was trying out left me wishing Android wasn’t so clunky.

I have always lived in the Windows and Android world but I recently got an iPad Air and a Pro. I must say it’s like night and day! Don’t get me wrong, I was eventually able to do everything I wanted in Android/Windows but now that I’m getting comfortable with iOS apps like OnSong and Quanitloop, I know I would have made much faster progress had I started on a Mac. In fact I’m so happy with everything Apple offers musicians I’m getting a Mac laptop soon! I was reading some of the things OS 11 will bring and I’m really looking forward to it.

Phil, persist, well… I won’t start naming everyone. Let me just say there is A LOT of help on this forum to get you over any bumps in the road you might run across. Good luck!

Hey guys thanks for your kind welcomes and responses. :slight_smile: I just woke up to my cat poking me in the face like “hey when you going to feed me?” and my BB is “out for delivery”… you know what that means… every car that drives by is a potential UPS truck, and I must be at the door when he walks up to catch timid knock that can barely be heard before he puts a sticker on my door. Hopefully he’ll just leave it on the porch… but there have been a few times where I found that sticker despite having spent the entire day at home. It’s a little maddening honestly lol.

Thanks for the tips, I’ll steer clear of BOSS. Perhaps look into the Pigtronix infinity, or maybe a newer iPad than the one I’ve been using lately which likely doesn’t have the support required to function with the BB. I was eyeballing the EHX 45000 but I read somewhere that it doesn’t mesh well with time signatures outside of 4/4. But that’s just a future possibility at the moment… as buying the BB was a push with all the dental work going on.

I can’t blame you Raymond for jumping to Apple for music. My PC is everything entertainment. I.E. video games, netflix, hbo go, and I often wished I’d picked up a mac laptop myself for anything musical. For one - Garageband is pretty awesome and you don’t have to pay additional for it. I’ve seen it in action, and it is highly capable software for recording purposes. My current laptop is a windows machine and unfortunately it’s on the fritz… I need to see if there’s anyway I can repair it. But, my desktop should hopefully be able to handle my needs. I don’t plan on doing much in the way of recording any time soon, but I do see myself making some beats with it and hopefully it’s not too complicated to export that as a midi track that the BB can recognize and play. So far I at least know that creating and editing drum beats from within Reaper is 100x easier than the Zoom RT223 is.

I am totally content with the $60 I spent on Reaper for pc years back, and while I’m not a master with it it’s easy enough to find tutorials with its growing popularity. I’ve taken the SD card from my zoom r16 and uploaded the tracks to Reaper for mastering purposes as the zoom works much better as a stand alone recorder than a DAW interface. Much latency when connected to the PC.

I think currently the thing I’m most excited about is that I won’t find playing at home by myself so boring having the BB to play with. Beyond that, I’m hoping between writing beats in reaper and picking up one of my stringed instruments I might even have enough inspiration to get my creative juices flowing again. Music isn’t the only thing that just isn’t as fun by yourself without the right kind of toys.

Welcome I’ve only had my BB for a month so still learning as I go, use the forum there is some great help available.
Be prepared for a steep learning curve.
I’m slowly introducing it into my live set, lots to think about if your totally new to using drum beats or baking tracks, git sounds awesome when you get it right but a tad embarrassing when you get it wrong . I definitely need a lot more practice to feel confident live

So, I’ve been playing with the BB a little bit. My SingularSound footswitch was defective unfortunately, the left switch did not work at all. Tried two different TRS cables, the one that came with it, and the one that I use for my BOSS FS-6 running into my RC-3. I did plug the BOSS FS-6 into the BB and it worked fine. Don’t tell GC but I opened the SS footswitch up to see if there was anything obvious I could fix. None of the wires were broken, but the soldering jobs looked pretty awful. One of the posts coming from the TRS jack just had way too much solder and I’m guessing that is why that left switch wasn’t working. I closed it up and took it back to my local Guitar Center and am expecting the replacement to arrive tomorrow. I have to say - pretty pricey for a switchbox… but hey, the box itself seems sturdy, the switch that worked was noiseless aside from the click of the switch itself, which produced no noise on the signal. It also doesn’t require a power source like my BOSS FS-6 does so, I didn’t ask for a refund or anything, just a replacement.

I do have to admit, playing along with the stock beats for awhile felt very similar to just using the beats from say a digitech guitar processor, only with the added functionality of cycling through fills, transitions and the ability to add accent hits. And of course the higher quality of the sound of the kits themselves, along with a much larger selection of beats and styles to play along with. As to be expected it just can’t replace the feeling of playing with a human drummer that I click with. Where you both build up and build up and are so connected to each other’s playing habits that you can feel when one or the other is about to change it up, creating new songs out of nowhere but feeling. But - I think for me personally, the saving grace of the Beatbuddy has to be what it’s capable of when you bring other hardware and software into play. BBManager is pretty straight forward in how it allows you to arrange midi tracks and fills. Quite enjoyable to witness everything the pedal is capable of through an app on my PC.

I arranged a 4 measure loop via Reaper using the ezdrummer2 demo VST, and added a bunch of 128th notes on the high hats through the first half of it… and while it didn’t sound the greatest (the fault being mine as a composer there), what I am impressed by is that the BBmanager played my track, and therefore so will the pedal. So, for writing purposes, and then carrying what I’ve written with me… that is really freaking cool.

I do question why they even bother sending the usb cord with it. It’s really short. I mean really short. And uses a mini-b connection, so if I want a longer one I’d probably have to order it off the internet. There is just no feasible way I can make use of the USB connection with the cable provided without holding the BB in my hand sitting very close to whatever usb hub I’m using or my computer itself. I can’t say I agree with the choice of connection seeing as just about any other mini/micro usb connection is A. I have an abundance of USB cables collected over the years of owning smartphones that unfortunately won’t help me in that department. But this is a trivial observation, as all I really needed was an SD card reader, as it seems plugging in via USB basically just turns the BB into an SD card reader. So - that’s not major. I can easily pop the SD card out and take it to my computer without taking the BB off my pedalboard or whatever.

One last slight complaint is the inability to adjust the input volume on the pedal. Running my P-bass which has rather hot passive pickups was just barely loud enough to hear over the beats, and the volume knob adjusts both the input signal and the drums. I’m wondering if there might be a way to implement adjusting solely the input signal via firmware. I’m either going to have to run the BB through a mixer, or give it it’s own amp. But - I was able to practice a bit with just headphones plugged into the pedal, and despite wishing my bass signal were louder, it was actually pretty fun. So much better than practicing with just a metronome or the basic beats that would come with several guitar/bass effects processors.

I don’t mean for this to sound like a review or that I’m in any way disappointed.

Happy to add this thing to my arsenal… practicing at home will be much more engaging because of it. It also opened me up to other means of composing beats for anything I would play via Reaper, and the convenience of being able to store and listen to that from a machine the size of an effects pedal is great. I also happen to think the possibilities of what this pedal will be able to do in the future haven’t been completely explored yet, and hopefully future firmware updates will only add to its list of features and functionality as more and more people begin to pick one up.

If any of my comments sound negative - it’s just me getting hit with a reality check, and despite the hit, it still has a lot of functionality that you just won’t find on anything similar to this. It’s no Rytm, but it’s definitely very capable of accepting creative input and being quite fun to play around with at home. Not sure I’m ever going to use it in a performance setting, but that doesn’t mean I think it’s not capable of being put to use in that way. I’ll definitely be spending more time with it and Reaper than I did my zoom rt223.

Pardon me for my wordiness. I type fast. Easy to ramble. Thanks again guys for the warm welcomes and input.

The other down side is it doesnt make a cappuccino lol.You gotta give it a little time to get to know it get the most out of it.I dont think its meant to be used like backing track drums ,less is always more.

I wouldn’t trade it for an Rytm. Well, maybe I would just to flip the Rytm and buy another BB and have money left over. I have a BeatThang that never gets touched since I’ve been using the BB.

I most certainly would trade a BB for an Rytm, but likely buy another Beatbuddy once I felt comfortable shelling out another $300. Rytm is leagues ahead of the Beat Thang, and I’m not trying to diss the Thang because from what little I’ve seen demonstrated it didn’t sound horrible. Seemed to have more functionality than my zoom and the 808 sounded pretty good. The Rytm is just an amazing piece of Tech. I imagine it would take some persistence to become proficient with it.

Don’t get me wrong… the Rytm is absolutely more than anything I’d need it for… but having seen similar machines @ work and hearing even just a short demo of it…the thought of having one makes me drool a bit. It’s capable of being an entire band by itself >.< I just don’t think it’s fair to compare it to something like the Beat Thang or the BeatBuddy.

That being said… the BB is highly capable for what it is. The amount of customization is surprising.