Beatbuddy with a XP sp 3 computer?

I was told by techsupport that there is a workaround to get BB working with XP posted here on the forum. A search turned up nothing. Can somebody please post what the link to this discussion is?Thanks

Im not sure about the link but I did manage to get manager going on xp. From memory I went through the installation and then at the end it would give me an error and delete the install. I Managed to stop the install at this point or just before by either stopping the install with task manager or turning my computer off. Manager worked fine from then on.

The link scudd provided is pretty recent unofficial 64-bit only version. The older workaround (for WinXP 32-bit) was available on an old forum. All the info is still here, but the links got mangled after forum migrated to the new (much better) version. (keep in mind links are also mangled inside there as well!) was the target.

Is there any hope for an official version without the Windows XP check? It doesn’t even have to be advertised that it works with XP, in fact, the “system requirements” disclaimer could remain the same for support purposes, just remove the version check.