Beatbuddy with Bass Lines Demo

Just put together a very quick video showing some beats that have the bass lines played by the beatbuddy as well. The mic on the phone doesn’t pick up the bass very well and it is louder in the room. Not much effort put in to sound. Beat buddy and guitar plugged into Roland Cube Street at low volume.

Great demo outlining pattern changes …thanks :wink:

Very cool!!!

Dang, dude! You should be doing their product demos! Well done! My BeatBuddy should arrivce this week. I would love to hear any tips you have on how you incorporated the bass lines.

Everything you need should be in these two threads Bill.

Setlist songs

Beatbuddy with bass

Recorded songs to mp3 to prac vocals along with while at work, in the car etc. Post a couple in here to get a better idea how the beat buddy sounds with bass. Guitar into compressor into tube screamer clone into beatbuddy and using the headphone out to mic in on sound card. Guitar tone not to good but the beatbuddy sounds good.

La Grange no guitar
Waiting on the World
Hey Joe

Nice, been thinking of recording parts together & just using the tracks …
bit redundant , but less stress on transitions.

Blows that I tune down so bass is a problem for me…

tuning down isn’t much of a problem… if you tune down to D, you just need to add a D and D# wav to the drumset. The only issue is the overall size of the drumkit is limited, so you might have to delete another instrument, or even better, just some of the extra velocities of an instrument or two you don’t use much.

you can transpose the midi’s .

I actually recorded Sultans & use it live … i couldn’t hit the transitions properly.
It sounds awesome … looking back , expecting a real drummer lol

thanks for the heads up… I’ve only messed with this MIDI stuff for about two weeks and figured it out ok so I guess I can figure out some more stuff…

I’ll have to pull out my English to MIDI translator… LOL

It took me a while to figure out which tools can do what with the different steps.

For no other reason than that is what I was using when i figured it out, i used Aria Maestosa to split the long song midis into parts. Unfortunately you can just select a part and export it, but you can select the REST of the song and delete it, then export what’s left. Then do an undo to get the song back, and go for the next section. Once you get into the flow, you can dissect a song in 10-15 minutes.

After learning, and failing with Reaper, I ended up using it to “fix” the midis that Aria exports. The problem is that they are on two separate tracks. Reaper let me export the midi and merge the tracks at the same time. It turned out also that i hadn’t transposed the basslines in Aria correctly, but was able to do that in Reaper as well. (The idea is you take a standard midi bass, and transpose it up 2 octave to where Stu’s bass samples lie.) Reaper also allowed me to check for notes that are too high (above the 2nd octave E) and deal with them. Mainly i just lowered those few notes a whole octave.

So in short the process for me is:

  1. Find a cool midi of a song I want
  2. Load it into Aria Maestosa, and delete most of the tracks except the drum track and bass track, and maybe one other as a guide track if needed (make sure you don’t export this track to your final-final midis!)
  3. Identify the distinctive parts you want, intro, verse, chorus, solo, bridge, distinctive fills, outro, and using the process above, export them into little midis.
  4. Load into Reaper, transpose the bass up 2 octaves. the lowest E on the bass becomes note 64, with is the E in the 4th Octave. (You will know cause the C is labelled C4 in your piano roll.
  5. Last chance to make sure the midis are trimmed properly and Export project midi, save as single track
  6. Go into BeatBuddy manager, and construct the BB song using the various midis
  7. Post your awesome new song (and hints for it) for the world to marvel!

In the ideal world, you can use Reaper instead of Aria to do the original slicing of the song, but for some reason, THOSE exports don’t seem to work well. Some have suggested if you want to do that, load those slices into something else and export them to fix it. However, I outlined the process that worked for me, even though it doesn’t seem to be the most elegant solution.

if I import a drum midifile in BB it won’t play properly. NOT SUPPORTED in some parts.

Are you referring to the Midi Editor displaying NOT SUPPORTED for certain drum instruments? If this is the case, you can move the non-supported instruments. For example, move 35 to 36.

This link might be helpful

replace the drumkit w Jive jong’s standard p bass drumkit
he has alt snare & alt kick drum . you can move those lines to their appropriate #'s
or delete the whole row later… if you have the latest BB mgr. right click editor.
then change back drumkit to your preferred kit.
…definatetly speeds up the editing process