Beatbuddy won't power on after failed firmware update


I tried updating the firmware by plugging the pedal into my PC but it would not work so I stopped and turned off the pedal. I successfully updated the firmware using the SD slot in my PC but now the beatbuddy will not power on at all. I’ve looked at previous threads and tried to follow the fix instructions but I cannot get the linked zip file to download. Any assistance to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Whenever you interrupt a firmware install on the pedal, your pedal may appear to be dead. What it needs now is to follow certain steps to get it to work correctly. I just tried the link below and I’m able to download the firmware so you should be good to go.

Try following steps 5 through 8, below. Once you have the pedal working again, circle back and if you need to, do steps 3, 4 and 9 through 15.

[]if you have custom songs or setlists you’ve created, use the BBM to export your folders to your desktop
]delete the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) from your computer and confirm that that the bbworkspace folder has been deleted (to include all instances or duplicate folders of the bbworkspace folder)
[]download and install latest version of the BBM for your computer’s operating system from
]use the BBM menu Tools to Set Workspace Location (should be to your bbworkspace folder)
[]plug your SD card into your computer SD slot reader and delete all contents from the SD card; DO NOT FORMAT the SD card
]download Default BeatBuddy Content Update from the same link above; unzip the file and copy the contents to your SD card
[]download BeatBuddy Firmware v2.0.4 from the same link as above; unzip the file and copy the 5 files to the top level (or root) of your SD card; eject the card
]with the power off on your pedal, insert the SD card and power the pedal on; allow it to complete the install of the firmware
[]set your foot switch and pedal settings using the pedal settings menu; power the pedal down and remove the SD card
]insert card in your computer SD slot*
[]from the BBM > File > Open Project and navigate to your SD card; you should be prompted to save your project to your computer and you should allow it to do so; it will begin to the process of loading the project from the card to your bbworkspace; when done, it will ask if you want to Synchronize your project; approve it
]from the BBM > File > Import > Folder for the premium songs you bought or folders that you exported to your desktop

  • With the exception of the project name, your SD contents should generally look like this screen shot
    []from the BBM > File > Import > Drum set for the premium and drum sets you bought and downloaded from the forum
    ]in the BBM click the Drum Sets tab and click the check boxes for any kits that you want the BBM to use; from the BBM > File > Save Project
    [*]from the BBM > File > Synchronize Project (to your SD card)
    The link with the instructions above is at

I followed your instructions. Deleted everything off the SD card. Downloaded the SD backup and firmware update. Beatbuddy still will not power on. Any advice??

I also got a new SD card and downloaded the firmware update and SD backup content to it. Beatbuddy still will not power on. I tested the power supply as well and it works fine.

Could you provide a screen shot of the contents of your SD card, please?


Thanks. Everything appears to be correct on your card. If you did not reformat the card (if you did, please let me know), only thing I can think to try is
[]power down your PC and pedal
]connect USB to pedal and computer; insert SD card into pedal
[]power up the pedal
]start the computer up
[*]see if pedal displays that it has power and if it does, allow firmware to update
If this still doesn’t work, please contact and provide a link to this page. Check that Support’s reply doesn’t go to your spam or junk folders.

I tried these steps, pedal still won’t power on. I have not reformatted the SD card. I tried the original SD card and a brand new one. I have sent an email to support. Thanks for your help.

Hope you get it sorted out soon.

You may have already tried this, but be very sure the power connector is fully seated into the Beatbuddy jack. I believe I may have seen a few comments around here where it won’t power up and the plug wasn’t all the way in. Good luck.