BeatBuddy wont show up in Windows explorer when connected

So I was about to synchronize and BBM ask for “Pedal SD location” I look in the Windows explorer and there are no Beatbuddy drive !

Beatbuddy displays “USB DEVICE CONNECTED”

Iv’e restarted my PC several times but still no Beatbuddy drive !

Never happen before

Windows 10 Pro

Do you have an SD slot reader on your computer, if so, try that instead of the USB connection method.

(Yes, USB is still evil :imp:)

If you don’t have a built-in SD slot reader on your computer, try a different USB cable. If that does not solve the issue, you can refer to the steps on this link

I’ve come to find I have a few Micro USB cables that are power/charging only and do not have the conductors to allow for data transfer. Spent a bit of time with an audio interface that would power up via a cable, but wouldn’t ‘talk’ to the computer, so ‘try a different USB cable’ is surely recommended.

I solved it by pulling the power cable and then reconnect !