BeatBuilder issues

I have been editing beats in BeatBuilder, nice little App, thanks whoever wrote it. A couple of questions - I saw a download for “version 2” but in “About BeatBuilder” when I downloaded and opened it, it said “Version 1.0 (1.0)”, the same as the previous version I downloaded from an earlier post.
Q1: What is the latest version of BeatBuilder and where can I download it from please?
Q2: When I open some midi files, for instance “Latin Fill 154- Marengue perc.” from the LATIN beats supplied with BeatBUddy, only the bass drum shows up, the other sounds in the midi file cannot be seen or heard in BeatBuilder. Why is this and is there any way around it please?
BTW it would be good to make this thread sticky and easy to find, it took me ages to search through all the other threads for BeatBuilder but to no avail.

@CharlesSpencer wrote the Beatbuilder Java app and would be best placed to answer you questions the main Beatbuilder thread is already a sticky.
The Beatbuilder automatically removes all notes that do not comply with GM midi mapping hence if you open a full midi song in it you will only get the drums. As the Latin kit does not use general mid mapping it removed those notes. Lastly, the app has only the standard kit samples and so you won’t be able to hear any of the Latin sounds. However the beatbuddy can now be triggered externally so if you have the extra midi cable, a midi interface on your computer and a midi editor program you should be able to change the midi information and hear what you are changing.
The latest version is here.

Thanks for your reply, I searched in vain for the BeatBuilder thread in this forum and could not find it. What’s the URL please?
What I am now trying to ascertain is whether or not another midi editor program, and which one, will enable me to edit exported midi files from the songs that came with the Latin and World Percussion drum sets I bought. I need to do this for a gig.

I too have wasted many hours of mu life looking for it. I don’t know HOW i found this page originally but I was smart enough to bookmark it.

The URL was in my post!?

Hello Mr. Spencer. Thanks for Beatbuilder. Your tool really helped me develop my new guitar project.